Paris Roubaix: Old v New v CX

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  • I rode gravel kings at about 40, thinking that they would lose pressure over the rough stuff. Amazingly they didn’t so my gooch is destroyed. I heard that kristoff rode 25c tubeless which makes zero sense and he inevitably had 3x failures

  • Amazingly in our group of 6 the worst was 2 dropped chains. Zero punctures. As lost my friends in the traffic jam as they'd elected not to go full Line of Sight my finishing photo,is pretty boring, one of of my friends has them swerving the guy that decided to carry his bike over the line.

    I couldn't understand the amount of riders riding the cote de zur, what a boring way to finish.

  • One guy came in got halfway round the banking and had never rode a track before stacking it onto the blue taking a few others out .

    There where still people coming in asking for medals at 7pm finish is a finish well done to them. The reason we where still there waiting to go home is because out van picked up a guy totally lost who his so called mates had left and he was shafted . We dropped him at his hotel .

  • That’s pretty nice of you! The signage at the end was pretty confusing @modan got lost just after that stupid foot tunnel (about 5km from the finish) and rode an extra 5km.

  • next year’s date is April 4 for the sportive and 5 for the pros. We saw a guy crash at the underpass as well to fast into the tunnel.

  • that stupid foot tunnel

    Shame they didn't include that in the race.

  • For anyone thinking of it, it's one of the few sportives you can do single-speed or fixed, 3 of us did it in '17, two fixed and one single-speed. I rode a TriCross fixed (44:16) with 38mm Compass tyres and a B17 which made it just about bearable - not something I'm intending to do again mind you.

  • Highest part is a motorway overpass . We saw lots of singlespeeds and balloon tyres Not that that makes it any easier .

  • My 42mm Nanos were pretty good, although the knobbles did nothing for me. Dropping down a little bit to something like 38mm/35mm with file tread would've been ideal.

    But the cobbles are bonkers. I literally felt concussed the next day, although my body felt fine - like my brain had been bouncing around inside my skull.

  • Agreed on all points about gearing. I would say I stuck mainly in 44-15 - despite having other options it is virtually impossible to change gear on the cobbles. IF I ever did it again I would double wrap the bar tape and drop the psi to 30

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  • The eagle eyed will notice I’m wearing a hexo helmet. It’s super comfortable.

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Paris Roubaix: Old v New v CX

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