Scapin Number 2 (colour may damage retinas)

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  • I will go for those hubs, mainly because they are so similar to the Shimano ones they replace, but also because they are cheap. I've sent an email to enquire but hopefully they can ship them to Italy relatively quickly.

    I wanted to keep the original Mutant stem, even though it is really ugly. I think the Scapin branding makes it a little unusual. Just out of curiosity, what would you replace it with?

  • well, i'm probably not the best person to suggest a stem.. i believe in slammin', so first thought is agressor: nice, thin - goes well with steel frames, black

    there are nice minimalistic stems out there that don't drop the bars too much, eg. syntace f99 (beware of the recalled version), but i think lfgss people can come up with better options

    or there is this thing:­cco-manubrio-Stem-vintage/232706355322?h­ash=item362e61307a:g:Nm4AAOSw8hhasUx2

  • Small update

    I have now rebuilt the bike and installed new brake and shifter cables (my GOD are Shimano ones expensive) as well as handlebar tape and KMC chain. I don't have wire cutters so it's going back in to Pinarello today and will hopefully (pray for me) be ready for the weekend.

    I will post photos, eventually.

    One question - anyone restored Shimano levers with sandpaper or polish? These have had a hard life and the finish is, well, shit.

  • I have a pair of 3t mutant bars to match your stem...

  • dont encurage him!

    @MrMister corrosion is fairly common with shimano 9speed levers - it can be sanded down and polished pretty easily

  • Wow, two years.

    So I'm using Coronavirus lockdown time to make some changes to the bike, having ridden it around Veneto for the last two years. Updates: new stem (ITM Millennium), new seatpost (WR Compositi carbon), new saddle (Astute Rush Lite SR) and new wheelset (Cero AR24 Evo). All on order, all probably going to get held up and take weeks. I previously swapped out the tyres for some 25mm Continentals, so hoping to get all this put together in time for the post pandemic party.

  • Well, post some pics then!

  • (always wanted a scapin)

  • @russmeyer I'm still waiting on a few bits, will then creep out into the courtyard to give the bike a wash - then I'll take a few photos. Lots of couriers seem to be delayed by the current situation, which is understandable.

    This has arrived though:

    as has this:

  • OK, a little help needed. I've placed an order for some Cero AR24 evo wheels but put it on hold before they ship them, as I've been offered a set of Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels (ceramic bearings) from ~2015, here in Italy. Apparently they were recently serviced, but this is still a case of old wheels vs. new. Anyone got any ideas as to which would be the better bet? FYI the Cero wheels are €200 give or take, and the Fulcrum about€250 (with Continental Sprinter tubular tyres). I'd whip the decals off either set.

  • I've received a few more photos of the Fulcrum wheels, showing the rim condition. I'm leaning towards the Cero set simply because it is brand new (and also the hubs are black as opposed to white). I think this is going to be a situation where I order the wheels, then everyone tells me "oh you should've got the Cero/Fulcrum" (delete as appropriate) but I'm impatient and bored.

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  • I would be hesitant to take tubulars. So much easier to set up normal clinchers.

  • I'd almost certainly run clinchers so I think the Ceros are the better option, plus they'll look a little less flashy on the bike which is already gaudy as hell. Thanks @seb1977

  • I had a set of those Ceros & ran them for a while, decent enough wheels for the price.

  • Also agree on the cleaner look! Would be even better if you could desticker the ceros.

  • The decals were simply stickers on my ones, so I imagine you can.

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Scapin Number 2 (colour may damage retinas)

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