European polo tournaments

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  • Reg for Sabbath Brunmmy Sabbath will open at the end of July. it's been decided up here that we're gonna stick with the ABC format of the previous 2 years. Still hella fun and still space for 48 polo players

  • Still some spots open for the london mixer next weekend­zyR5w_rSPk9Sc3Z0fq7qeUj_eKMZxu4Vme0M/edi­t

  • thanks for the info - do you know which date for registration?

  • I’ve been informed that refistration for Sabbath Brunmmy Sabbath will open today at 6pm

  • Vienna Tournament! 25-26 May 2019

    Tournament info:
    It's going to be a mixed tournament, so at least two genders in each team. There will be a max of 16 teams.
    Because we would like to have as many countries participating as possible and make it fair for everyone, there's going to be a lottery, so no first come, first serve.
    Please tell your friends who are not on facebook!


    1.) Send a letter in an envelope with your team mates, team name and a joke or something, cause we will announce it live :) and at least one email address for infos and stuff

    2.) Make a sign on the envelope (like a small drawing or a sticker) so we can confirm that we got yours, we will post it on facebook

    3) Write the name of the country you're coming from on the envelope! We gift one fix spot for a random team of each country, so be sure to write the home country of your team on the envelope!
    if you have 3 players from 3 different countries, choose one country and write it on the envelope!

    3.) The teams playing will be drawn after expiry of the submission deadline, probably with a livestream

    4) It's allowed to register with one TBA player, but the two remaining players have to be different genders. Viennese First Rule: because we have so many players and there won't be any spots reserved for Vienna: If one of the team mates who registered cannot come for any reason, you will get a viennese player (we will be strict about this) drawn in the team. If you register with a TBA you will get a player from Vienna, also with lottery. You could support the viennese polo scene if you subscribe with a TBA.

    Deadline for letters will be announced within the next weeks (deadline will be end of february at the earliest)

    Bikepolo Vienna/Bikekitchen
    Goldschlagstraße 8/Kellerlokal
    1150 Vienna

    Bikepolo Vienna is pretty sure, to be able to host anyone of you, who is not into sleeping in a hostel or something.

    Food: There are plenty of takeaways in the area. In the evening we can have dinner together in the bike kitchen.

    There will be a party on saturday for sure! So hopefully see you all soon in Vienna!­0418067/

  • Awsome

  • Hello everyone!

    On the 5-6 October 2019 Madrid's Bike Polo will host its annual tournament in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

    I'll be great to have you here!

    We don't know more info yet, but we'll keep you posted.

    You can also follow us here:­
    And all the polo scene in the iberic peninsula here:­kepolo

    Feel free to DM me with any question you might have.

    See ya!

  • Nicee one tio

  • Would you be so Kind and add the 1. European Masters in Nürnberg/Germany (14./15. Sept.)
    Basic rules for a Team:

    1. Minimum combined age: 120
    2. Player has to 35+
    3. Rule No.1 and Rule No.2 will become law with the first joust of the tournament!­4309358/
    Cheers Andy

  • Im in anyone else from london ?

  • It's not often that I'm not old enough to go to something yet

  • I'm too young by a month, and I've not played for a year.

  • Where are the Euro's happening and when this year?

  • I'd really like to play Bristol this year, anyone want to form a team?

  • Yeah I am also looking for a team for Bristol if you are keen?

  • Yeah man, PM me about a 3rd maybe.

  • Ohh tall team

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European polo tournaments

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