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  • whatbars.com lets you compare shapes of lots of bars, but I think clamp diameter might be a missing search filter...

  • Thanks for the pointer. Saved myself the hassle of scouring the internet and just ordered a set of Mowmows.

  • Anyone have a tip on wide mtb bars with a decent backsweep? Have a set of On-One OG on another bike & like them but would like them a bit wider for off-road - Ritchey Kyote seem to fit the bill, Soma Dream riser another one - any others i'm missing?

  • Gone for Ritchey Kyote - got a stock alert from crc this morning so if anyone's after cheap, wide mtb / bikepacking bars with a big backsweep but not as much as a Jones / On-One Geoff you'll find some there, another really nice option I was looking at were the Answer Enduro crabon bars but those are long gone & were £200 anyway...

    The Kyotes are apparently due in the classic silver finish too

  • Suggestions for some classic shallow/ Italian alloy drop bars?

    I have 3t rotundo at the moment and basically want the same but 2cm narrower. 3t don’t appear to make the rotundo any more, nor can I find Deda Newton shallows that I’d be equally happy with. It’s all “ergo this” and “anatomical that”

    Other options that are still in production?

  • I'm liking the Fizik Cyrano Snake at the moment .. Not quite traditional shape though

  • I thought there was an 'ask anything'thread but couldn't find it. Is there any way to make this look less shit? Is there 'slim' spacers? Should I get silver ones? Different topcap? I love these bars and am keeping the spacerstack.
    Thank you kindly

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  • Titanium spacers on eBay tend to have 31.8 mm OD (check the listing description to be sure). I've purchased a couple of sets from different sellers and they've been fine, if a little bit inconsistent in tone.

  • Chinese titanium or simworks/nitto steel ones.

    Standard Alloy one has been hit and miss for me. Some is quite thin but most are the one that you are using

  • Thank heaps @Fibreglass and @daveaa I'll have a search online.

  • Ritchey Kyotes arrived - wide af & a bit more forwardy than the On-One OG, should be just the ticket as I found the backsweep was perfect on those... mtb is in bits currently for powdercoating, looking forward to getting it back together & catching the bars on every narrow gap I attempt to mince through

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  • Ritchey Kyotes / On-One OG

    Was coming to ask about reasonably priced swept back mtb bars. I've got some Nitto Albatross, but was looking for something a bit more modern with less sweep.

    What was it about the On-One OG that you wanted to change? Tempted as they have a bit more rise and a bit less forward.

  • The shape of the OG's is great & there's a nice amount of flex there too (i have the v2 which are supposedly lighter), I initially had them on a flat bar 1x10 commute bike & they were perfect, I then tried them on the mtb with the view to buying another set but found myself wishing they were just a bit wider at times.

    I would have kept them on the mtb but then I increased the fork travel & that brought the cockpit up / back a bit (small frame 29er, 80-120mm) so decided to look for something a bit wider / more reach with the same backsweep to get back over the front more.

    The OG are a great bet - they have a bit more reach than some of the on-trend mtb bars I looked at (Stooge, Surly Dream Riser etc.) so your hand position in relation to the stem is similar to a standard mtb bar instead of being pulled closer to you due to the backsweep.

  • Thanks a lot, that's super helpful and answered all of my questions.

  • Deda Newton are now called zero 100 or something, you can still get them in shallow. I've tried most of the classic bend bars and Zipp sl 88 are my favorite. Didn't like the Ritchey neoclassic, the bend was too tight.

  • No worries - glad my hours of agonising over minimal differences in bar profiles isn't wasted!

  • Thanks for the comparison! Might have to pick up some Kyotes myself now.

  • thanks, didnt see your post but came to the same conclusion!

    I'm thinking of some pro vibe alloy bars for a change, but also dropping to a narrower width from 42 c-c

    decisions, decisions, etc

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Handlebar thread

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