Seat post Slipping :(

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  • My issue lately is my seat post slipping while Im riding. Tube size is 25.4 and the seat pin is already tightened to its limit. Any suggestions? I wrapped it with a teflon tape for first aid. Should i buy a new seat post? It's an alloy one and I've just used it for weeks.

  • Probably your bolt / clamp. Take it to LBS. they can sort it

  • or the seat tube on the frame needs reaming

  • I'll try but it think its the frame itself that's worn out :<

  • Is the seatpost the correct size? The clamp bottoming-out suggests it isn't. As does being able to wrap it in tape and still get it in.

    And assembly paste (not to be confused with anti-theft paste) is the preferred method to prevent correctly fitting seatposts slipping, not tape.

  • Grit yo shit to turn security paste to assembly paste

  • Don't you have livestock for that?

  • Dredge...

    I have a carbon post in a Ti frame that had not slipped position in 5 years.
    It's now driving me mad... have tried carbon ass paste, any other suggestions?

  • A better clamp?

  • What we use in stubborn cases, and there's plenty of this with new proprietary bullshit clamps, d-shaped seatposts and out of tolerance frames is hairspray. But better be sure where do you want it because breaking the bond takes a lot of WD40 and swearing.
    Better if you can try different seatposts and clamps, tolerances in the bike industry are so bad you may find something that works.

  • Great advice - Might try a new clamp.
    Have dealt with a stuck post in the past and that's a road I really don't want to go down!

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Seat post Slipping :(

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