Ticks, midges, horseflies etc.

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  • It may not work as contactless now as the aerial circles the edge of the card...

  • Shit.

    Ah well, it’s all peeling and faded so I’ve been thinking I should order a new card anyway.

  • First bite of the year, through sock onto ankle bone. Soooo much itch. Must not scratch.

  • I got lightly midged in Glen Nevis last week - I sat outside after having a shower for about 5 minutes before I remembered to reapply Smidge. Still a bit itchy. But I got back and heard that one of my mates (in Glasgow) had sat in the grass and found more than 30 ticks on her afterwards, so it puts it all into perspective...

  • I got Lyme disease after doing the North 500... Four years on and still not 100% and ticks terrify me now , if I had 30 on me I'd probably jump in a bonfire :(

  • I never saw a tick but I was walking through fields yesterday and today I have this. Am I doing to die? 😂

    (GP has been contacted too but what's your thoughts internet doctors?! 😂)

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  • Looks like a clegg/ horse fly bite?

  • Looks like one of the many horsefly bites I got camping in Wales recently

  • Thanks both. Hopefully this is the case as I never saw a tick. Had to remove them before.

  • Bullseye bite mark. Partner annoyingly freaking out. Will I die? I was in Richmond Park a few days ago... not close to the deer or grass though, with long sleeves.

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  • Looks more like a fly bite to me? Bullseye much more distinctive, no?

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Ticks, midges, horseflies etc.

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