How to remove this freewheel?

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  • Hi,

    This 7spd. freewheel came on a bike I am renovating. It moves quite a bit on the hub and makes noise so i guess either the freewheel is borked or the hub is. I cant see a way to remove it though - any thoughts?

    It is on an older Zeus hub (probably 80s) and the axle is solid.

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  • looks similar to a UG so two chain whip tools is my guess

  • Ok, improvised with one chain whip and a hammer! Now am stuck again - any ideas on the below?

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  • I believe you need a splined tool such as a Park Tool FR-4, but count the splines/notches before buying anything.

    You may need to disassemble the hub for the tool to fit, unless you get the thin-walled Phil Wood version.­-blog--blog/regina-cx-basket-case-or-is-­nothing-hopeless

  • Hi - thanks for the help - apparently that is the correct way to do it!

    I am impatient and this freehub was buggered, though, so I dismantled it by using a punch and hammer to loosen the lockring (clockwise), took the main assembly off, then used some visegrips to unscrew the freewheel (counter-clockwise).

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How to remove this freewheel?

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