Fuji Jari gnarmac (n-1)

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  • Hopefully a quick and easy build.. posting in case this kit is interesting to someone searching.

    2018 Jari "1.1" frameset, Force 22 gears, Praxis 32/48t chainset, Roadlink, Zipp budget joiny bits, Fabric saddle, Hunt wheels. Ideally will fit my current 40mm Maxxis Re-fuse tubeless tires but suspect not with fenders so will need to pick something a little smaller.

    This bike will replace a Kona Rove and a Ti Burls - need to free up some space while keeping the best bits of both bikes. Big tires to deal with the surprise gravel miles that appear out of nowhere around here, still quick enough for fast mountain descents, granny gear for going up said mountains, fenders for commuting.

  • Sounds like a great all rounder build. That bottom picture looks amazing.

  • Are you going with Force22 because you already have the groupset? Interested as to why not go 1x is all.

  • Oh, and frameset looks great BTW. Interested to see the build come together.

  • Probably because you can cover the same range of gears with 1x but you'll have bigger jumps between those gears.

  • Bigger jumps between gears is bullshit. You’ve the same jumps between gears as if you had a double crank but only rode in the big ring. Nobody shifts down at the front and up 3 times at the back to get intermediate gears when changing up.
    Wide range cassettes give you big jumps, not one chainring

  • Quit moaning, start riding.

  • Very jealous of the bottom 2 pictures.

  • I have an Apex-1 group (38t/11-42t) on the Kona now, and it's great - wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for a dedicated gravel/commuter thing or running the stock 42t chainring - but with the 38t it spins out around 30mph so I want a bit more range in an all-rounder. The bigger jumps on the 11-42t cassette never bothered me tbh, I get that it really bugs some people.

    Bottom pic is a typical rural road around here, mostly used by civilian "trucks" and actual oil & gas trucks. Nearly every ride runs into them at some point. Some are packed dirt like that, others have fairly deep gravel or rocks that need bigger tires, especially in the hills.

  • with the 38t it spins out around 30mph so I want a bit more range

    Had exactly the same. Using a SRAM XD cassette with a 10t instead of 11t solved that for me.

  • Where did u get the frameset? I like how the steerer tube is left uncut.

  • From a local shop here in the US. Should be able to source in the UK, I've see full build Fujis at Evans. It was ~600 usd with fork, headset and seat collar. I was considering other, probably-nicer, steel frames then got a massive tax bill so went for the cheapest option.

  • I shift down front and up at the back all the time so 😒

  • What cassette and derailleur are you planning to use with the roadlink?

  • I've got a SRAM 36t on the Burls which I'll move over, should be fine with the Force long cage der and 32/48 chainset. I was originally thinking of trying an 11-42t rear and 36/46 front, but Praxis seem to have dropped that pairing - only options currently are 32/48, 34/50 or 36/52.

  • Yeah and to get the same or similar range on a 1x set up you'd need to use a wider range cassette on the back than you would if you were using 2x giving you bigger jumps, otherwise you'd loose out at either end, not that It matters all that much if you're not racing.

  • They still sell a set of 36/46 chainrings: https://praxiscycles.com/product/cyclocr­oss-sets/

  • I shift down front and up at the back all the time so 😒


    Two ring allows the range of gears, with a relatively tightly spaced cassette.

    I like 1x for off road and cx but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy it on a road bike.

  • Is this the new 1x vs 2x thread?

  • You guys crazy. When my cadence gets just too high for a gear, I shift up once and it’s perfect in the next. Why would you need in-between gears?

  • When you are at the foot of a climb and you shift into the small ring you don’t shift up? And vice verse over the top?

    Is this what you mean?

  • 46/36 is good. Really nice for cx but pretty good for gnar or winter road bikes also imho

  • Ah I see. No I do shift up at the back when shifting down at the front to make the jump less severe. I was talking about the gaps between gears when only using 1 chainring. I meant if you were accelerating, you wouldn’t shift down at the front and up 3 or 4 times to give you a middle gear between two cogs in the big ring.

  • Ahh I guess we agreed all along then :)

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Fuji Jari gnarmac (n-1)

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