• From what i can google it's a early 90's model with the Suntour Ole groupset. I bought this bike in 2007 from it's original owner who raced it as an amateur and I've used it on and off as a commuter, but after a few years gathering dust and coming under increasing scrutiny from my better half i've decided it would be better off being ridden.

    It could do with some TLC as the chain and cassette are both well worn and as a result it doesn't like hanging around in the big ring. Those used to modern brakes will also finding the stopping distance on the slow/woah side. Since purchase (and old photo) I've replaced cable outers/inners, saddle and handle bar tape. Paint work shows the wear and tear. It also has some white/red reflective tape on the front forks and chain stays thanks to a period of commuting on a sketchy dark road.

    A few specifics;

    Frame: Tange 2 steel. Top tube length - 52cm Seat Tube ~54cm
    Cranks: 170mm Sugino (i think based on front chain ring 52T )
    Handlebars: Kusuki Winpista (i think based on stamps) 39cm
    Rims: Mavic MA2
    Hubs: Suntour Ole
    Seat post: Strong (quite marked as photos)
    Tyres: Specalized Armadillos, very much at end of their life
    Saddle: Selle Italia

    I'd prefer not to split into components as the bike is in it's original configuration, but make me an offer I can't refuse and I'll consider it. Picture with bike bag and rack (neither included) shows it as original saddle and tape.

    I've no idea what it's worth as components or complete so you're potentially getting a bargain. Live in Homerton (London) so happy for collections/inspections from here.

    £110? or make me a sensible offer. Will be here for a week before heading to gumtree/ebay

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  • Down to £90 pre ebay listing

  • This is so good... :( no chance youd hold til april 15th?

  • Will check gumtree/ebay when im back if you pm me the link when you put it up regardless.

  • Sorry i missed this completely. I could hold if you are serious, i need to move it sooner rather than later as i'm up to three bikes and only really have space for one..

  • Sold and donation made to forum thanks @linefly93

  • Got it


For Sale Peugeot Mirage 54cm road bike with Suntour Ole groupset, Mavic rims, Sugino cranks - SOLD

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