Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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  • Exciting!

  • Yezzz! How are you getting along with your ribble mtb?

  • Still happy with it!

  • A knock on the door this morning!

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  • Promo tshirt and various bits and bobs including three mech hangers and a chain guide.

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  • Very pleased overall. Welds look good, paint turned out as expected. Weighs 3400g according to the kitchen scales (including rear axle and seat clamp)

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  • Total cost including shipping, customs and VAT about 5200 SEK, i.e. about 415 GBP. For a fully custom 520 frame. Communication with Marino has been fairly straightforward but as with all tradespeople sometimes slow to reply. Order was confirmed on January 28th and arrived today, June 24th. Pandemic considered and them being on the other side of the Earth I don’t think it’s bad!

  • Looks great! Nice combo of blue and yellow. Glad it arrived in good condition

  • Very cool. Nice IKEA colourway. I don't mean that in a bad way, I think it looks great! Looking forward to the build which I'm sure you'll be documenting?!

  • Ha! Yes, the Ikea bike! Subconscious/Freudian homage? I was more focused on deciphering that head badge, finally clocked it’s the nazca lines hummingbird. And yes, will update as the build progresses but I’m off on holiday in a cabin for a week or two now so won’t be a quick build unfortunately…

  • Wow. That seems like incredible value for money.

  • Thanks! Re colour, I was inspired by this tshirt design, my older brother had one in his teens that I always thought was pretty cool. Especially when it faded after a few hundred washes.

  • Suuuuper cool. Can't wait to see this built!

  • Back from hols. Thought I’d dive right in but of course shimano have changed their BB standard and I need to get a new tool. Bought the groupset used so no included adapter.

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  • 29x2.5” maxxis aggressors fit at max inflation. Frame seems straight and aligned. Apologies for the crap pics and cluttered workshop.

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  • Looking good!

  • What are those wheels? And what groupset will you go for?

  • SLX hubs, Mavic 30 mm rims (can't remember which model), sapim spokes. See here.

    I have a used 12sp SLX groupset that's going on this.

    Swung by a few bike shops on my way to work, first two didn't have anything but got given an adapter for the BB for free at the third place so work and family permitting I'll be able to make some progress this weekend!

  • Headset and BB in, cut steerer and got stem and bars on. As far as I can tell it’s going to fit. Headset was missing top cap, found a pink one and it may be a keeper.

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  • I’ve also hit a snag - there are no cable guides on the seat stays for rear brake hose and derailleur cable. I’ve emailed Marino to see what they have to say about it but I’m guessing I’ll have to sort it out myself somehow. I’m not sending the frame back to Peru for two cable guides. Would riveting one on each side be a very bad idea? Epoxy instead? Found these on eBay:

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  • Cable ties?

  • I saw @t0-ster used some 3M stick on guides and was happy with em

  • Yeah seems to be an option.

  • As a temporary thing sure, but not keen on the look. Actually quite an irritating thing this, shame as the frame is great otherwise.

  • Ordered 4 of these, see how it goes.

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Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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