Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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  • Current workshop situation.

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  • Is that your soil pipe running across the ceiling?!

    Nice workshop though.

  • Hmm, it’s from the drain for the washing machine and basin in the room above. So no fecal matter should reach me even if the pipe does burst 😉

  • Well that's a relief

  • I’m dithering about colours for the Marino. I think green or aqua blue is going to last better than yellow. Thinking either something like this with green or purple logos:

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  • Or candy green with yellow logos:

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  • Candy green pls

  • Do you already have most parts for this build? Why did you go for 29 instead of 27.5 on this?

  • Yeah I’ve gathered most of it already. Missing a stem, headset and pedals unless I’ve forgotten something. Went with 29 as I haven’t tried it yet and as I’m tall-ish I expect it won’t feel too big. I have no idea what I’m doing basically but who cares.

  • Finally got the new to me groupset on the konamuter. Brakes are incredible compared to the juin techs. Praxis cranks look pretty good I think.

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  • Old setup for comparison

  • Just received this. Finally getting built!

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  • I'm guessing Marino doesn't do butted tubes. Anyhow, awesome!

  • Why? It’s supposed to be Reynolds 520.

  • Candy green not available 👎🏻

    Went for dark blue 01 with egg yellow 03 logos. Couldn’t be arsed thinking about it too much.

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  • Sorry just that the length of the pipes in the background looked so long, but guessing it's there standard 4130 offering

  • Mtb flat pedals. Are they all the same and if so why are some of them very expensive? I get the weight thing and should provide reasonable grip but other than that?

  • Size, profile, ease of service. You may want plastic if you live in cold climate.

  • Ok thanks. With the zillions of options available I’ll just get a pair of plastic ones and see how I get on then.

  • pipes in the background

    Didn’t notice them at first! Maybe they do plumbing jobs as well?

  • Yess!!!

  • If you're going to be riding this a lot, I wouldn't recommend DMR V6s. They're bushing rather than bearing spindles, and I mangled a pair within six months of daily use.

  • If you're going to be riding this a lot

    I hope I will though. Thanks for the warning.

  • Olympic champ in late response: yeah, live in Åre.
    Thank you!

    EDIT: just get a pair of raceface chesters in your prefered colour and be done with pedal choice.

  • Right, frame is done, balance has been paid and now my hope lies with the Peruvian postal service.

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Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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