Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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  • wet sand the old cones back into shape

    Restoration commitment 10/10

  • I'm in two minds about keeping the square taper triple that was on the bike, found some mtb chainrings in decent shape. Other option is a HT2 shimano compact double.

    What I'd really like is some retro hipster cranks like middleburn or race face.

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  • Middleburns you say.... I’ll dig mine out tomorrow morning, see if they’re of interest?

  • Oohh... Please do!

  • WIP. Wheels arrived, reasonably true and round. Brakes, headset and a bunch of parts inbound during this week.

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  • Thanks. Did a front end mock up before calling it a night.

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  • Cave is much bigger than the one you had in G-red.. :)

  • Yes, 'tis true. My cave has indeed grown in size.

    Anyway, slow going. Am isolated with CoVid but not feeling it too badly so could have gotten on with this if the CRC parcel wasn't at the depot where I can't go right now. Might ask someone. A nice egg carton has turned up though, which is always something! Thanks @Biggles567 .

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  • Good luck finding an egg carton these days. All sold out. Eggs too.

    Get well soon, enjoy the extra fettling time.

  • No worries, glad they got to you safely :)

  • Argh, got a friend to pick up my parcel and CRC have sent me someone else's stuff! 3 kid size jerseys, a jar of sports drink powder and a weird saddle are not things that will help this project onwards and upwards. Oh well.

  • CRC have sent my order again, hopefully correct this time. Meanwhile I'm removing the 2x8 drivetrain off my wife's kona to use on my build, and setting hers up 1x8 instead. 11-42 cassette, no issues with the old 9sp LX mech, just wound the b-screw in all the way.

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  • Some progress.

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  • Excuse the clutter. Modernish or old school levers?

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  • Black because rims and cranks et al

  • Got the brake calipers fitted. Used pair off ebay so no adapters included, rear worked fine with a Shimano 160 is-pm adapter, front I couldn't get to sit properly with a 160mm disc no matter what. This is with an upside down 160mm rear TRP adapter and some washers, and a 180mm disc.

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  • Cables and a chain away from rideable. Forgot to order bar tape so that's a few days away as well. Probably mudguards.

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  • Weird thing with the adaptor!
    But it looks like it is coming along nicely!

  • A phoenix from the ashes

  • Done for now, except for bar tape. Shakedown ride tomorrow, weather and crowd situation permitting.

    Around £370 spent so far. 11.2 kg according to the luggage scales.

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  • Looks awesome! I'll refer this thread to sway the masses when I sell my batterd Dad-Dew on Happyride

  • Awesome! Looks amazing and still low budget!

  • Thanks people.

    Just a few comments on the juin tech R1 front brake on IS mount forks. There are others who have failed to get a 160mm rotor to work. Apparently they've also arrived at the 180 mm rotor solution:­d_fragment_=msg/650b/QhZA3dHfDYA/1ZMKaMU­5AQAJ­ing-juin-tech-r1-51-fork-997535.html

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Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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