• Planning to hit the road on long distance this summer and searching for a bike/frame to bikepack!

    As you can see I'd like steel and big clearance!

    Niner RLT9 steel would do the job as well!

    Please don't hesitate to advice me anything you'll think interesting regarding my research!


  • might be open to 56 frames as well...

  • Hey, I'm selling this Straggler... https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3184­78/#comment14150626

    Let me know if you're interested, thanks

  • Friend of mine will be selling his 56cm black Crosscheck complete (with less than 500 miles on it) in the next month, unsure of price but I will find out and post on here if you're interested?

  • thanks for telling!
    I'm interested let me now as soon as you know more!

  • pm'd dude

  • up

  • FOUND ! Cross-Check in 58 !


WTD: 56/58 Surly straggler/cross check, Soma Wolverine..

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