Rychłowski 700c road rando

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  • This is my traveling brainchild/comedown/sideproject/twenties­ midlife crisis.

    All jokes aside, this project will be to modify my Rychtarski road, which I'm already pretty happy with, to be more Audax and winter friendly.

    I want to go cycling more in shitty weather. I don't like the straight bladed MAX fork that's currently on it because of its looks and I think it's cut a little too short so I'll get sexy bendy compliant fork legs instead. I don't like the lylac metallic paint but that's for another time. I want a little front rack to mount one of those fancy bags on and I want internal dynamo routing. I'll also get direct mount BR-8010-F for the lols which is terribly sad but I'm intrigued so I'll indulge myself in some #dbad goodness

    It already takes 25 mm and mudguards, maybe I'll get to stretch it to 28s and 30s for those rare summer weeks. Mr. Orłowski will be fabricating me new forks to the following specs:

    • 1 1/8 inch
    • 60 mm rake
    • ??? axle-to-crown (maximum within the constraints of the brake for as much clearance as possible, I've sent him the brake to play with)
    • direct mount brake studs (Shimano standard)
    • bolt mount vertically under the fork crown to attach a mudguard easily
    • mid-fork bosses
    • bosses on top of the fork crown shoulders
    • Mudguard eyelets on the dropouts
    • Internal routing for dynamo wire
    • flat fork crown bendy/curved fork legs with the rake/bend occurring in the bottom of the legs rando style

    All this goodness for only €150 inc postage is not a bad deal I thought.

    If all goes to plan I'll have some fancy low trail forks. We'll see from there.

    I want to get the frame modded too, I can think of more than a few things I'd like to be added to make it more suitable for my needs plus like I said I don't like the current paint

  • direct mount brake studs (Shimano standard)

    This is ultimate.

    I wanted a modern custom road built around these brakes but no1 makes after market carbon forks for these brakes.

    this will be great

  • I'm glad to have received your blessings for this venture

  • if you come across a carbon fork let me know pls

  • I guess you could hunt down a spare OEM fork? I.e. Cube agree 62 2016. There's a fair few carbon bikes that take these brakes but that would mean identifying these models and asking distributors

  • good shout, direct mount Shimano are the best rim brakes on earth you will be very happy with them. I am sure you have already studied this but make sure the chosen crown has appropriate width so the holes are in the middle of the blades and obviously send the brakes to the framebuilder before they start building.

  • How dare you not like the metallic lilac paint! I was reminiscing about this bike the other day. I really liked it.

  • I'm liking this. In the process of doing an Audax/Rando bike out of a Crescent 309 Comp myself.

    Is 60mm the go-to rake for frontloaded?

  • Me and paint had a good relationship but all things tend to fade- it's time for something new...

    It's a nice bike, but I bet your new Talbot would shit all over it :)

    Might you know what's up with that ol' geo chart? The current fork is certainly not 391 mm 🤔

  • You can play with different head angles and fork rakes on http://yojimg.net/bike/web_tools/trailca­lc.php

    Generally low trail bikes have a steep-ish head tube angle and long rake for compliance/comfort

  • Yes, it does :-)

    And, beats me! I never measured it to be honest. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing though. I look forward to the results. Good shout going with Orlowski rather than Rychtarski! With that said the frame is very well made.

  • Frame modded with studs? Go for it!

  • Looking forward to this. Subbed.

  • Any progress?

  • Waiting for forks

  • Finally some photo's from the big man... Looks really good!

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  • Nice! Jacek does good work.

  • If youre srs i might be able to hook you up with 1 1/8th direct mount carbon shiv fork. Pm me

  • Got the fork, trying out the ultimate rando #buyer saddle, Gilles Berthoud Aravis Ti. I bought it cause I really like the Brooks I had on tour, but missed the cutout and found the quality to be a little mediocre, but damn once the leather on those saddles is worn it it rides nice.

    First impressions: looks very nicely made, I like that it's completely rebuildable. Saddle tops are available seperately. The treatment proofide stuff feels is a lot thinner than the Brooks stuff, spreads nicely with a brush. Can't wait to try to saddle, but let's get the fork in first :) Got the baseplate incoming

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  • Let me know how the saddle fares! Looking forward to the build.

  • I might need suggestions for a 48/32 that will look as classy as the 7400 cranks I have on there right now

    @Tijs cheers :)

  • How's this build progressing?

  • Thanks for the interest. I've been waiting quite a while for my gas pipe stem and now it's lost in the post :(

    I've also been focusing on my climbing instead of cycling the last couple months. Kinda lost my cycling mojo. Not sure if I want to put the effort into doing lots of audaxing in order to ride Paris-Brest-Paris anymore. Maybe I should get this bike sorted and try and find the fun in cycling again 🤔

  • Bummer about the stem, but I guess you could stick a cheap stem on as a place holder until it arrives.

    I'm in the same boat regarding losing my cycling mojo actually. Mainly swimming in the sea and coastal walks for me this summer (I think I'm getting old). And too much time looking at bikes on the internet.

  • So this will be happening in 2019. Glorious. Still waiting on that gas pipe stem so ordered a VO tall stack as a placeholder

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Rychłowski 700c road rando

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