• Not sure if this will work, but I'm very adept at losing right gloves and thought perhaps there might be someone out there who is equally good at losing lefts.
    And maybe, just maybe, there are more people who are similarly bad at losing other bits and pieces.
    Perhaps we can grow a database of lonely items and eventually make them part of a pair again!

    So, to start this off, I have 2 (yes, 2) Sealskinz Large All-weather gloves (Black lefts only).

    Anyone want them, or have any correspondingly lonely rights to donate?

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  • What a fantastic idea for a thread! Will search for orphan gloves / pedals / grips / etc. when I get home.

  • Great idea. I need a 172.5 mm left hand Rotor 3D24 crank!

    Can also offer a left hand Miche Primato crank in 170mm.

  • somewhere there is enormous pile of right hand gloves!


  • I have one Look Keo pedal, non drive side to offer up

  • I have this pictured. Left hand winter Gore glove in large. Free to anyone with the right hand one! Or for someone with only a left hand.

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  • I am good at losing both gloves and most other things in my possession...my Native American name is ‘Bloody Always Losing Things’.

  • If you have a left one too I will take them...I just left lost a pair of mitts! Again!!!!

  • I just wanna join the thread to say I kept a gore windstopper left when I lost the right in 2012/13 and last year I lost the righthand to the current set and now I ride with two odd gloves but feel as though I've saved myself £30. Winning.

  • Good work. Hopefully this thread can accomplish the same thing, albeit collaboratively.

  • I have a spare left Defeet Duraglove (the wool version, size small) - the right one got a hole in it at the weekend. Was literally about to chuck them as I've already bought a new pair but if anyone wants the left one, gimme a shout.

  • I have a brand new unworn small right hand black Rapha GT glove.

    So, does anybody else have a matching left?

  • Keep it coming, guys. We gotta get a match soon!

  • Pretty sure I have a NDS Tiagra crank arm 170mm hollowtech type. Would need a bit of digging to find, though.

  • I have just put a hole in the thumb of a Defeet Duraglove. Will check at home tonight but praying I've holed the left one....

  • pretty sure I've got a random mks sylvan road pedal somewhere about should anybody wish to find it a partner. Not sure where or what side though, but will have a look if we're moving into components....?

  • My right Pearl Izumi Elite (XL) soft shell glove is longing for its lefty pal which went awol:

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  • My beloved girlfriend is extremely adept at losing gloves and for the last year has been sporting a black left hand sealskin and a neon left hand sealskin as punishment for losing the corresponding-gifted-glove and subsequent replacement within hours of receiving them. Both times.

    I think she's got Small sized ones if anyone can help resolve this comedic fashion situation, although I'm not sure it would be a long term solution.

  • Forcing someone to wear odd gloves is small beer compared to forcing someone to wear two lefties. Harsh.

  • I have a large box of odd socks, kids and adults, boys and girls, maybe 150 pieces. If you need a sock post a photo and I'll see if I have a match.

  • 150 odd socks saved in a box, you say?

  • Have you thought of writing children's books?

  • I met my now wife on a similar thread to this.

  • Someone lost their wife and you found her?

  • Yep. That's about the size of it.

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Bring Out Your Dead - The Odd-Glove / Overshoe / Whatever Exchange Thread

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