Campagnolo Power Torque chainset removal tools....

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  • Fellow forumengers, does anyone have all or any of the tools needed to remove a Campagnolo Veloce Power Torque chainset please? From what I gather there’s an official kit made by either Park Tool or Campagnolo themselves, but they’re quite spendy.

    These kits comprise of a bearing puller, crank puller, moulded crank protector, and some other parts, so anything you have would be great.

    Thanks in adavance!

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  • I have a hacksaw

  • I have a mallet

  • You just need something capable of applying some serious heat so that you can set the bastard thing on fire once it's off.

  • I have that kit if you need it!

  • It depends if you want to re-use the crank afterwards.
    If you do, DO NOT HEAT IT!
    The alloy that Campag use is heat-treated at around 150 deg C post-manufacture - heating to a degree where it'll help yo to remove the crank will destroy the properties that heat treatment gives and may cause embrittlement.

    The best / lowest cost route is a Facon U301 bearing puller (specifically, not just any bearing puller), a cap to close off the open end of the BB axle and a shield or method of protecting the back of the crank - that, you can cut from a medium thickness card ...

    The Park tool has an occasional failure mode that the Facpm puller doesn't suffer from, so we don't recommend it.

    If it's a one-off, or just a once every two to three years job, any Campagnolo ProShop should have the tools to help you - they are going to charge, it's true - but that costs of getting it done on a one-time or occasional basis are probably going to be less than investing in the tools.

  • Ignore the above. +1 to fire and lots of it.

  • I used an angle grinder to remove mine. Worked well. Quite noisy though.

    1. Remove DS circlip
    2. Unscrew crank bolt a bit
    3. Got to town with a large hammer
    4. Bin
    5. UT
  • What a horrendous can of worms! Why did Campagnolo design these Power Torque chainsets to be so hard to install and service...

    This group came on a bike I bought mainly for the frameset but I was actually planning to give Campag a go, but the large chainring on said chainset is totally worn and while I thought my Google-fu strong, couldn’t find replacement Campag rings anywhere, only complete chainsets, hence the decision to just remove the lot.

    Thankfully @Breso has come to the rescue, but appreciate all the input gents, especially @gfk_velo for the detailed info. Back to Shimano I go....

  • Why did Campagnolo design these Power Torque chainsets to be so hard to

    Remove. Fitting them is easy :)

    Must be something to do with patents on self extracting crank arms.

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Campagnolo Power Torque chainset removal tools....

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