Stribe hardtail – a prototype

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  • Yo! Replacement bike is coming along.

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  • Going for a 29" setup this time. The new SID in 120 with 35mm stanchions seems just right for my type of riding. Second hand X1/XX1 group, new XT/XTR brakes, 180mm OneUp dropper, Procraft carbon bars and alu stem. Have yet to build the wheels which will be the new DT240 with some 30mm wide carbon hoops. Will end up at 11 kg.

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  • Rad and a well thought out build

  • Cheers guys, I'm pretty stoked on this one.

  • paint on all these frames has been excellent

  • Rattle can is not a crime ;)

  • What brand are you using? And 2k lacquer?

  • Very nice!

  • Primer - "free" (U-pol etch primer from the shelf)
    Logo - £6 (1k Montana - skimped on this, but way too much orange peel, had to sand it down)
    Base - £27 (1k Spraymax - mixed to desired colour code from paint shop)
    Clear - £20 (2k Spraymax)

  • I don't have a paint booth or anything (the blue one was painted outside during summer). For this one I found a warm room next to the garage space we're renting. Not very clean and the ventilation is less that optimal, but with a mask and only a couple of minutes inside per coat it's safe. The nice thing is that the room holds 30 degrees plus, so laying on the clear in thick glossy coats without runs was a breeze.

  • Great, thanks. Looks great, 1k colour and 2k clear is probably the best way to spend your money.

  • This looks great, excited to see how it comes together!

  • Ok this is all awesome.

    1. You making bikes or is this simply a personal thing?
    2. Beetle in background looks awesome.
  • We are a registered company now and we've sold about 20 frames in total. No plans of growing lots though - it's a side project we do for fun.

    That beetle does low 12s on the strip :)

  • Hubs ready to be laced.

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  • That beetle does low 12s on the strip :)

    Such a tease! Let's see!

  • Haha. We went for a cruise in it just now. First time my mate has fired it up since 2019.

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  • Is that mustard-ish color RAL? Goes so well with the finish of the forks

  • It's actually a green color, from old Porsches – goldgrün.

  • It's finished btw, and I've really been enjoying it. Have forgotten to take proper pictures of it though.

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  • Thats very nice, better pics please!

  • Looks so good, I want one.

  • Thanks! Looks so good with the TI!

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Stribe hardtail – a prototype

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