Stribe hardtail – a prototype

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  • Very nice. Definitely the ideal mtb i need in my stable one day

  • I just came here to post something about this being just the right bike for you :D

  • its a sign

  • Thanks guys. Really looking forward to try out the new geo. Taking the old one for a ride today to refresh my memory, then swapping over the parts tomorrow.

  • Probably among the most beautiful frames I've seen in my entire life!

  • Wow, too kind guys!

  • Actually got a frame up for grabs. Size medium in matte black - the one on the previous page that was painted in China.

  • Do you have geometry info?

  • I'd have been so interested in that, but now that I'm trying to braze, I'm keen to build myself a steel one.
    Awesome frames though, so clean.

  • Here's the geo chart.

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  • How has this changed for the new ones? Out of interest

  • This is the latest one. The green one was a bit shorter, slightly taller, had slacker ST and sharper HT. Plus a bunch of small adjustments here and there.

  • I see, thanks. Longer, lower and slacker is a good thing if the rest of the mtb industry is anything to go by

  • Yep, but nothing over the top. Will put plenty of hours on it this week and come back with my verdict.

  • We got it built! I wasn’t really planning to go for a ride today because it was getting late, but when I took it for a spin around the block I could’t turn around and ended up on the nearest trails (in a white t-shirt and white socks). Anyway, it was super fun! Not hugely different from the first generation, but a lot of subtle changes that make up for an even more fun bike. The steeper ST makes it better at climbing, the longer reach allows for a shorter stem that allows quicker and more responsive steering. I look forward to pushing it more over the next days.

    Proper pictures later, but here’s one from the phone.

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  • Very nice indeed

  • Very nice! Looks like fun

  • Looks wicked. New geo is right up my street.

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Stribe hardtail – a prototype

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