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  • Sooooo here it goes. Long time lurker (4-5 years) seldom poster decided to start a more "advanced" project. The reason is as usual to try and create the one bike that does it all. In order to achieve N=1 | N-3 has to be done. Here is my starting point with a rather radical plan of action. Note that it will be more of a slow burner.

    • I ordered a custom 1" a-head steel fork from Mr. Orlowski with lowrider and disc brake mounts
    • I just bought some used Shimano SL 6400 downtube shifters
    • A pair of TRP Spyres are on their way as well
    • The frame needs to be prepared for disk brakes
    • Mudguards
    • A Bell
    • Dynamo lighting
    • A new wheel set (suggestions are welcome currently thinking of XT Dynamo plus fitting rear)
    • Tubus Tara low rider
    • A lot more small stuff

    The bike will be used for commuting and the odd tour of light randonneuring. As you can see the build process is as equally important as riding the final bike itself.

  • hmmmm good luck

  • Disc brakes..low rider..bell..poor old Caad, was probably dreaming of having a nice couple of years as sunday's best..rad project though!!

  • How do you plan to re-space the rear to 135mm?

    Have considered selling it and buying an actual do it all frame?

  • How will you "prepare" the alu frame for disc...?

  • Just change the forks. And the rear triangle. And half of the components.

  • Do it. Sick.

  • Sounds fairly advanced and expensive to achieve. Much easier options such as buying a frame that fits the bill but sure you know this already. Will be a slave tourer for sure if you pull it off.

  • poor old Caad, was probably dreaming of having a nice couple of years as sunday's best

    This :(

    Just put a #dbad sticker on it and go bikepacking, done!

    Edit: do get a dyno front wheel though.

  • Ignore the grumblers! This sounds cool but a bit mad.

  • Nice project,keen to see the rear disc setup.keep the crazy builds coming!

  • I dig it. Perfectly reasonable to adapt a frame that you know and love to do what you want rather than selling it and regretting it in 5 years!

  • I'm all for doing things differently and with an independent spirit, but can't help thinking that you're starting with the wrong frame here, even if it happens to be one you own and like.

    The reason I say that is all down to tyre clearance. With a new front fork the front should be okay, but the rear might struggle with anything wider than a 25mm, and you'd ideally want 32mm tyres for a true do-it-all bike that's properly capable of the odd bit of touring and light off-road. You may be better off using an old cyclo-cross frame with canti brakes, but then again, maybe that's just too logical and too easy...

  • Huff real life took over for quite a while but the project gained some momentum albeit in a little different direction. Clearance for bigger tires became also one of the biggest concerns for me therefore the Cad was sold and another frame I had lying around will be the new act of this project.

    On another note the fork from Orlowski arrived and man I am impressed by the craftsmanship.

    The plan is to send him the frame for some modifications later on and maybe back stepping to a true classy 1" quill stem disc tourer. I started with this

    and I am now here

  • Plans are:

    • Change dropouts of the frame for modern ones
    • Add disc brake mounts
    • Stretch to 135mm
    • Readjust brake bridge to allow for bigger tires and installation of mudguards
    • 2 more bottle cage mounts
    • Add pump holder
    • Mudguard mounts
    • Maybe rear rack mounts

    Build list:

    • Change 6700 RD vs RD-M772 to allow up to 34 teeth in the back
    • New wheel set for discs with dynamo up front
    • Son Edelux front and rear
    • Spyers
    • Nitto front rack
    • Randonneur Bag

    It will be a bit of a slow burner because the plan is to only have one bike and the modifications to the frame should take a while and are planned for wintertime. In the meantime with the long reach Shimano brakes I can already enjoy the new forks :)

  • NICe , Sugino 75 cranks ?
    How Much will the frame mods cost ?

  • DA 7402 in 170mm a bit ratty but I try to keep the costs low and am funding the project with sales of other bike stuff.

    No real answer to the modifications yet because I didn't get in contact yet.

  • Just send out a mail with the adjustments I would like to have done. They are quite extensive so lets see. Maybe it is easier to build a complete new frame after all?

  • That’s what I was thinking

  • Built up the beater again as life demands a slight shift of priorities currently.

  • The old bike got more and more functional.

    And here it is with a 32c front tire to cushion the ride with the additional load up front.

    Edited the post thank you @platypus for letting me know.

  • What caliper is that that’s clearing a 32?

  • It is the Shimano BR-R450 long reach calliper.

  • A new addition to the stable. Just ordered some SKS longboards in 45mm so that the rear light can actually be seen.

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Nezumi's projects

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