• Ad came up, I called and brought it home right away. Why? It's ugly, it's in a rather bad condition and it's nowhere near high-end. I still love it.
    Here are some crappy pics directly from the ad.

    Seatpost isn't frozen, didn't check the stem yet, but it shouldn't be either. The frame has some paint chips, but nothing worse as far as I could check. The current groupset is mainly Altus A10, with a C10 RD. Wheels are probably mismatched, front has an Exage hub, I couldn't see any markings on the rear one so far.

    The master plan:
    #1: I buy a first edition Deore LX set today for very cheap.

    #2: I strip the bike, clean everything, save what worths it, trash the other.

    #3: I take the wheels to the LBS for truing.

    #4: Put everything together.

    #5: Sell / give it to dad / ride - dunno yet, middle option has the highest prio.

    Let the fun begin!

  • Are those 700c wheels?

  • Yep, it's a trekking bike originally.

  • Lolz, I did something similar. Bought a 1991 Scott XC Fun (700 c) that even isn't my size. But it has the same colour scheme as my first real bike ever (1991 Scott Windriver mtb). ;)

    Have fun!

  • Love these retro trekking/hybrid bikes, you can create some versatile allrounders from them. :)

    Just bought the LX parts, they're not completely from the same groupset, the cranks are 300LX, but everything's in a perfectly working, and rather nice condition.

  • To answer your question: cause hybrids are awesome and budget projects are fun!

  • This will be awesome. Good looking frame

  • ^^ True dat!
    ^ Will be far from actually awesome, but it will be nicely usable I guess. :P We'll see!

  • I'd chuck some Nanos and funky looking handlebars on it

  • I had some spare time today, so I've started to clean this thing up. I am not entirely sure yet if I'm really gonna use the LX set on this. I've removed all cables, then took the STI's and the RD and cleaned them up.
    Grime levels were insane, the pics don't really justify reality. Slowly but surely I will de-grime and regrease everything.
    Both wheels were brutally out of true (how does one say this properly in English?), but thankfully both could be trued successfully.

    1 Attachment

    • beforeafter.jpg
  • At this point I am starting to feel like Mr Wolf honestly. The casette cleaned up very nicely some serious soaking, scraping and scrubbing.
    It's ridiculous how grimy the bike is and yet nothing was frozen in place, I could get everything out very easily. The BB needed to be replaced though.
    The wheels still need cleaning, but after that I can put it all together. Proper pics once it's not bloody -10 °C.

    1 Attachment

    • DSC_4059.JPG
  • Woah. Clagtastic. It deserves some TLC. From the ad pictures it looks like a commuter from Ice Road Truckers!

  • Mine is different model, but same size and geo i think. Love this bike. Room for fat tyres and fenders etc.

  • ^^ Agree on it deserving the TLC, even though these work hours will never get paid off in a liter way haha.
    ^ Yours look super cool, perfect commuter. Mine has great clearance too.

  • Wheels needed some tidying as well. Not super clean right now, but it's enough.

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    • wheelstuff_res.jpg
  • And here's the frame itself, yet dirty.

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    • frame_bef_res.jpg
    • stuff_res.jpg
  • Done. RD was changed to an Altus A20 because the C10 was pretty much a wreck.

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    • 20180303-O0007313.jpg
    • 20180303-O0007303.jpg
    • 20180303-O0007305.jpg
    • 20180303-O0007307.jpg
    • 20180303-O0007301.jpg
  • Super!

  • Yeah, that's a win!

  • Thanks!
    Everything cleaned up nicely, and it didn't become such a wallet-drain in the end. :P I've sold it a few days ago.

  • You sold it already?

  • Yeah, I was surprised how quickly it went. Well, cycling season is starting soon, so I guess that's why. :)

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Scott Santa Cruz 1993 - why am I even doing this? (Finished)

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