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  • and on the eBay disc brakes rose again, in accordance with the Scriptures

    Like many of you, I thought disc brakes (and drop bars) were dead, but I have seen the light.

    Or rather, I found a frame that might actually fit me and is fit for purpose.

    Chris King! Noodles! A Β£150 Exzentriker bottom bracket I don't need! Bargainz

    And double thanks to the good people of the eBay finds thread, because what kind of peasant uses cable discs?

    Anyway, this project is a resurrection in more ways than one, because dear seller unfortunately ground the cable guides off.

    So at some point, with the help of the Norwich Men's Shed (ugh) I will be learning to weld, fixing the unfortunate modification and then it's #sickfadez o'clock

  • yeehaaa!!!!

  • Ah nice, was really tempted by this

  • Welcome to the headtube club.

  • 5mm shorter than the Raleigh, actually, but got dat sweet Pegoretti extension

  • dat sweet Pegoretti extension

    I really should put more effort into learning the local dialect.

  • This feels like the first bike that will be built around DBAD sticker

  • I think David Lee Roth up there might have a bit of a Pegoretti extension too, by the look of it

  • It's a good thing I bought four of them

  • Looks amazing from the get go, subbed!

  • Name a better front man than Diamond Dave in his prime.....It's unpossible.

  • Do you wanna swap Noodles for some Nitto Dirt Drop bars?

    Also, sweet frame

  • I've wanted to try Noodles for ages, but if I don't get on with them, sure!

  • I love me a resurrection thread. It's a thing now.


  • Cool beans

  • Ay ay ay! Tamal muey caliente ...

    dear seller unfortunately ground the cable guides off.

    Just for RD? Surely a way around that .... maybe a way of doubling up on disc guides ... could also look tidy full cable, routed down together.

  • Β‘Arriba!

    For both, so the front mech poses a bit more of an issue. The newer Vayas run a full housing for both mechs, so I wonder if the bottom bracket guide for those has an integrated cable stop. Can't find any pics.

    But for now, yes, I can just run a full housing all the way to the back, probably ziptied to the rear disc routing. I plan to run it as 1x10 initially, possibly with my MTB wheels while I decide quite what I want to do. Quite tempted to make this my first dynamo build

  • What kind of shit thread would this be without some bikeCAD, anyway

  • Serotta style sick fades or candy fades? Norwich man shed fades?

  • Too many spokes...

  • I preferred this one

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    • 27848647_10156397744623646_1381807307_n.png
  • Definitely more of the Serotta nuclear cocktail tropical sunset fades. Which will probably also be shed fades...

    I've also really been lusting after the new Chameleon, so I might ape that, but with some on-trend textured/sparkly finish mebbe.

  • Still my fave .... (crust is also legit)

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Salsa Vaya, the Resurrection - TvH's touring stuff

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