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  • Hey guys,

    This may be a real long shot, but I think it's worth a try. I have a BRAND NEW Moots Psychlo RSL CX bike for sale. Size is 55.5cm and everything on the bike is new, including the frame!

    Why is is a long shot? Well, I live in Australia! I'm a true Pommy, who moved out here 15 years ago. I'm a bike mechanic and work for a shop called Dynamite Cycles, here in Buninyong, VIC (the very same place they hold the Aussie road champs every year).

    I used to build the Moots bikes for the Aussie importer (Cycling Edge) but the owner, Peter has recently sold that honour to a new Importer (Dawson Sport). Peter offered me the chance to buy a coiple of frames from him and I did. One is this Psychlo and the other was a Mooto X RSL SS. The Psychlo is brand new, the MootoX was used, so I'll keep that for myself.

    Why am I reaching out to the homeland to try and sell this bike? Well, the Aussies are obsessed with disc brakes....Road, CX, Gravel, whatever it is, they all want discs. Nothign wrong with that. I like disc brakes, but after nearly five months of having this bike up for sale, I have had one enquiry and guess what...he went with a bike that had discs!

    Now I don't expect anyone to buy this bike from all the way over in the UK and have me ship it to them. The reason for this post is that I am heading back to the UK in August and if there is enough interest, I am happy to bring it back with me and do a deal COD.

    If you need any references about me, you can call the owner of The Tri Store in Eastbourne, East Sussex. His name is Lawrence and he will vouch for me. Like I say, I dont expect any money to part hands overseas (unless you really want to). I just figure there are more hardcore CX riders i the UK who will knwo what they are looking at and appreciate what this bike is all about.

    I cant seem to post up any pics of the bike? Maybe because I logged in as a guest? I used to be on the forum many moons ago as 'Rusty', but again, I couldn't seem to log in under that name, hence the guest staus? If anyone knows how, I'll post the pics up. Alternatively you can see my Aussie advert here on Bike Exchange­ross-bikes/moots/vic/ballarat/moots-psyc­hlo-rsl/103091652

    It has literally been ridden up the road on tarmac to check everything is good and then parked. I have heaps of other pics if necessary.

    Price is 2900 in jolly old pound notes.

    Here is the spec sheet:

    Moots Psychlo RSL 55.5cm 
Moots carbon fork
    DT Swiss R23 wheel set and skewers
    Continental inner tubes
    Continental CycloX King tyres 35mm
    SRAM Force CX 1 Carbon shifter/brake levers
    SRAM Force CX1 carbon crankset 175mm
    SRAM Force CX1 42T chainring
    SRAM Force CX1 Rear derailleur
    Shimano XT cassette 11/40
    Shimano XT 11speed chain
    SRAM cables Inner & Outer
    HOPE GXP Bottom bracket
    HOPE headset
    3T Stealth stem alloy - 10mm x10 degree
    3T Ergonova alloy bars 42cm
    TRP alloy cantilever brakes (the carbon ones tended to flex, so I always used alloy)
    Thomson Elite seatpost
    Moots seat post collar
    Specialized Phenom seat 143mm
    Prologo bar tape

    Any feedback would be really helpful. Thanks LFGSS.


  • I think you’ll find most people spending that much in the UK would want disc brakes too.

  • nah, this is great, borderline bargain

  • Thanks dancing James. I can understand why you'd want discs in the UK too. I raced CX there for years and the mud....oh the wonderful mud...but here in Australia, we don't have mud. In fact we didn't even have cross bikes when I first got here. Special order only!!! Like I say... a long shot, but if you don't ask.....I may just have to keep it for myself...won't be a bad thing. I love cantis!

  • I love cantis!

    lets hug .. this is my size and I will find it harder and harder to ignore

  • amey...I send you a hug and all our fellow 'canti loving' dinosaurs.

    Dinosaurs may be extinct, but the one that survived is called a crocodile and they still have some snap to my canti's!

  • Cantis snap? More like a pensioners toothless failed attempt to chew.

  • Ha! I like it. Sounds like you've had some bad experiences with cantis? Mine have all been great for the past 30 years. Just set them up correctly and they'll do you just fine. Only ones I ever had that were a bit pasty were the PAULS Neo retros?

  • This also may be a real long shot, given the age of the post. I don't suppose you're still trying to sell that Psychlo RSL? Thanks.

  • The seller hasn’t been on here for a year.
    You could try replying to one of his posts above and he might get notification, like you have for this.

  • Thank you! Will do.

  • This also may be a real long shot, given the age of the post. I don't suppose you're still trying to sell that Psychlo RSL? Thanks.

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Moots Psychlo RSL

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