Rychtarski All-Road V.4

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  • It's that time again.

    I've been probing the internets and following new releases of 2018 steel all-road frames but none seem to have a geometry fitting my weird body. Most have a longer reach and low stack and i usually need the opposite.
    This will be my fourth custom frame by Rychtarski. My experience with them have overall been good aside from a few weird choices. But this time i'm specifying every single detail.

    I've decided on Columbus Zona again. My two last frames were built using this tubeset and i've found it plenty strong and light enough for everyday use.

    Filled brazed for the ∀ Ǝ S ┴ H Ǝ ┴ I Ɔ S.
    Paragon through axle flat mount dropouts.
    44mm/tapered headtube.
    Internal/full length cable routing.
    Two color fade paintjob ala Stinner.
    3 bottle mounts.
    700c/650b compatible. No monster tourer but at least clearance for 650b 48mm without guards.

    Regarding components most likely i'll be moving over my current Rival/Force 1 groupset.
    I would like a new dynamo wheelset for summer touring/rando duties.
    Undecided re fork. Would like additional bottle mounts but the selection is very limited so i may just go with a regular cx type fork.

    That's it for now. I'll update with some paint ideas and sketches.

    Browse through the previous frame process in the meantime:

  • Sweet. Subbed

  • Just got hold of a spork for my bike, although not handled it in the flesh guyy who built my bike is im0pressed with it and it's got fork mounts and dynamo routing

    Spendy though

  • Sounds like we are pursuing similar projects at the same time!


  • Interested to know what fork geometry (axle to crown and take) you're going for.

    I was thinking of having a custom steel fork made so I can have fork leg eyelets. Or, using an otp fork e.g. straggler or wolverine. Then I'd like to be able to use a carbon fork in the future (hence the tapered HT).

  • rodeo spork is carbon, tapered with mounts?

  • Your previous V.3 was one of my favourite forum bikes so I'm keen to see what you come up with this time! A couple of fork suggestions if I may, I contacted Bombtrack bikes and they are releasing their carbon fork with triple eyelets etc. from their 2018 'Audax' model which sounds like it might interest you? Also have you seen Curve cycling's fork on their new GXR model, also will possibly be released for sale separately (at least they have done this for some of there other forks).

  • Cheers @cake the spork looks good.

    @bblack the bombtrack fork looks perhaps even better!

  • Hurra! Loved your builds so far.
    I'm also thinking about a 2-tone fade fest on mine.

  • Ohh, very interesting. Subbed!

  • woot woot.

    A fantasy custom by proxy thread that won't disappoint.

  • Subbed

  • I'm stoked too. Hopefully this one will stay with me longer than the previous ones and be a bit more future-proof. It'll have all the things i want in a bike like this, and that i regret not speccing in the other ones, like additional bottle mounts, flat mount (wasn't really a thing earlier though), space for wider tyres and through axles.

    Here's the bikecad. Stacks on staccksss. Paint is still very much undecided. Ideas are appreciated. No blues or purples though.

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  • nice plan!

    if you ever plan on selling one of the previous generations, let me know, we seem to be similar sizes and after similar things in bikes!

  • a bit more future-proof

    4th time charm

    also how tall are you? thats my ideal stack reach combo too!

  • All were sold on here. I think Tenderloin has the last one. The first one went to someone at Rapha. The second one (pink/salmon) was damaged after i shipped it. Received no compensation. Not sure what happened to that one. Shame.

  • ah fair! cheers

  • Hehe right.

    About 6ft/184cm. I could probably do with less stack if i worked on my flexibility more. But hey. A man's gotta be comfortable. Now i can slam the stem too.

  • Rude question, How much is the frame going to cost? Is the paint an addition or standard?

  • thats respectable stack for someone of your height .. I am 170cm LOL

  • 800€ - Zona frame, 44mm head tube, BSA, 27.2mm seat post, 38mm down tube, 28.6mm top tube, S-bend seat stays and chain stays
    160€ - paragon steel dropouts TA FL
    50€ - shipping
    25€ - second colour
    15€ - 3x stainless bottle cage mounts
    Total: 1050€

    They gave me some returning customer discounts. So a bit less than that.

    The Euro is at a bit of a peak now though. When i ordered my other frames i paid about 15-25% less in total. Still affordable though.

  • 555mm reach for 184cm? That seems really short. Do you use an ultra-long stem?

  • Nah. 120mm. It's just what i need to comfortably be on the hoods. Combination of stiff back and weirdly sized body. I've gradually gone from 570 tt down to to this.

    No 2 had about the same reach and quite similar geometry and felt good.
    There will be a bit of toe overlap but i've never found that to be an issue.

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    • 12101340076_c980b40de1_b.jpg
  • Ah, interesting. I ride on the tops quite a lot so maybe my reach is too long and I'd be better off on the hoods with a shorter reach. I'm about the same height as you. Something to think about for me!

  • I’m about 185cm and ride 56tt with 120 ;) it’s the future

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Rychtarski All-Road V.4

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