• I got sent the following. Passing it on, no connection. £35 per day to race but includes a LFGSS retro 1940s jersey version of the club kit. I could be tempted to do a Vets race.

    "We would cordially like to invite members of your club to participate in the Club Racing programme at the inaugural World Cycling Revival Festival, taking place from the 14-16th June 2018 at the historic Herne Hill Velodrome.

    Please could you circulate this to all of your club members as soon as possible to allow them to get their entries in!

    The World Cycling Revival Festival
    The P&P World Cycling Revival, the greatest celebration of the bicycle the world has ever seen, will be a high end heritage sporting, music and lifestyle festival celebrating 200 years of the bicycle. The event is set in the halcyon days of the Herne Hill Velodrome, when it hosted the London 1948 Olympics, and our patrons will be invited to wear vintage themed clothing throughout the whole festival.

    The World Cycling Revival has been created in partnership with the Herne Hill Velodrome, and the site will benefit directly from the success of the event with a proportion of ticket revenue generated going directly back to the Herne Hill Velodrome trust. The aim here is for the event to generate around 40% of the revenue required annually to operate the venue, and become a key part of the future sustainability of the site as the home of Track Cycling in London and one of the most important velodrome sites in the world.

    The Club Race Programme:
    As we mentioned at our November meeting, there will be a wide variety of club racing at the heart of the race programme, and we see this as a real opportunity for clubs to get behind this event that will generate much needed revenue that will secure the long term future of the Velodrome.

    There are four main elements of the race programme;

    • The Veterans Competitions (Thursday and Friday)
    • The Women’s Competitions (Thursday and Saturday)
    • The Men’s Competitions (Friday and Saturday)
    • The Club Championship – This is amalgamated ‘league’ format that will run across all club races over the three days, with clubs being awarded ranking points against their highest placed rider in each race.

    Race Entry:
    Race entry will cost £35 per day for each category, with your entry fee including;

    • A bespoke designed ‘retro style’ Jersey to race in – we will be working with each of the clubs to create a ‘1940’s design of your club kit, so that you can race in the theme of the event.
    • Free entry to the World Cycling Revival festival on the day that you race.
    • Event timing and scoring
    • Prizes

    Entries will be taken through the British Cycling Online Entry System – click here to enter - https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events­/details/172599/P&P-World-Cycling-Reviva­l-2018

    The Schedule:

    Thursday Veterans:
    Approximate Race Start Time Race
    11:55 Introduction Race
    12:35 Devil
    13:30 Marymoor Crawl
    15:00 Points Race

    Thursday Women:
    Approximate Race Start Time Race
    13:45 Reverse Win and Out
    15:30 Individual Flying 200m
    16:15 Course de Primes
    16:55 Scratch Race

    Friday Veterans:
    Approximate Race Start Time Race
    14:55 Reverse Win and Out
    15:30 Individual Flying 200m
    16:30 Course de Primes
    17:35 Scratch Race

    Friday Men:
    Approximate Race Start Time Race
    16:00 Introduction Race
    16:55 Devil
    18:15 Marymoor Crawl
    18:55 Scratch Race (Golden Wheel Trophy)

    Saturday Women:
    Approximate Race Start Time Race
    11:55 Introduction Race
    12:40 Points Race
    13:45 Devil
    15:30 Marymoor Crawl

    Saturday Men:
    Approximate Race Start Time Race
    15:45 Individual Flying 200m
    17:20 Course de Primes
    18:00 Reverse Win and Out
    18:40 Points Race

    This being a revival festival, we are strongly encouraging riders to ‘get involved’ with the 1940’s feel of the event, and help us transport people back in time to the era of the 1948 Olympic Games – the last major international event to be held at Herne Hill. As such, the following kit rules and restrictions will be in place;

    • Retro themed frames encouraged.
    • No Disc Wheels (All Spoked)
    • 35mm Rims Maximum
    • No garish colours.
    • You must wear the jersey provided by the organiser for your entry to race in.
    • Black shorts with minimal white only logos.
    • Short white socks.
    • Black Overshoes

    Failure to adhere to these rules may result in your disqualification from the event, as you may not be allowed to sign-on.

    Over and above these kit and equipment rules, the standard Rules and Regulations of British Cycling apply.

    We hope this is of interest, and look forward to receiving your entries to race with us in June! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@cyclingrevival.com and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards,

    James Tibbetts
    Event Director
    The World Cycling Revival "

  • Did anyone realise that this event means the velodrome is effectively shut for a fortnight?

    I appreciate it’ll raise funds for the trust, but it is also a profit making venture, so closing a valuable community resource for two weeks seems excessive.

  • The hell they need 2 weeks for?

  • I've entered the Friday Vets :)

  • Yeah some discussion at track league last week that maybe this wasn't the best way of getting those who use it onside. It seems excessive to say the least.

  • Don't know to what extent it's shut...I'm racing the Vets League there this Saturday....

  • It’s all a bit #brexit too, no? A nostalgia for a simpler time when track racing drew paying audiences.

  • Vets league only apparently, no training or track league next week...

  • @Cazakstan is racing in the Brompton ride!

  • Cheer up @andyp miserable git.

  • Why? Look at where nostalgia for past times has got us, on the brink of fascism again.

    This is aimed at the same cunts who go on the Tweed Run. Fuck ‘em.

  • If you attend you are encouraged to wear 1940s clothing. Cunts.

  • URGENT UPDATE - PLEASE SHARE . Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, the track has been declared not safe to use tonight because of the building activities. Tonight’s Vets League is therefore CANCELLED. Many apologies for the late notice, it was all looking positive an hour or so ago. Any pre entries will be refunded or transferred.

  • Retro: something modern designed in the fashion of something old.
    Vintage: something old, designed in the fashion of it's time.

  • 2 weeks?! Did not realise that. Did they need 2 weeks to put up some tents?
    If I was racing this season I'd probably be a bit salty about that.

  • At least Alec Briggs took Brompton and David Millar for £10k

  • I hear @Cazakstan was robbed.

  • Haha! I've told them they need a women's race next year..

  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-ma­nchester-44511779

    I thought it had all kicked off at Herne Hill when I saw this on the BBC news front page.

  • I nominate the "make it rain"/wheelie/skid combo victory celebration for an official spirit of the forum award (click the link not the viddy)


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World Cycling Revival Festival - Herne Hill, 14-16 June. LFGSS retro kit???

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