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  • So I bought this "Groot megalos" of @HerrJ on here some weeks ago. Tubing is max-shaped Columbus Altec and welds are exquisite.

    I could try and justify this build by saying that I wanted something between the fixed gear and the Stayer rando bike (the bikes I've been doing most of my riding on since getting hold of the Stayer back in March last year) ; but the truth is more that I just wanted to put a bike together so there you go.

    This is turning out to be some "forum build" of some sort as most things are being bought on here :)

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  • This will have some Nitto finishing kit:

    • Dynamic 626 seat post (same shape as the S65 but with an oval internal shape to reduce weight)
    • Dynamic 10 stem
    • M177 "Noodle" bars

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  • And I couldn't possibly resist getting some pink cabling kit to liven the build a bit! (everything else will be either black or silver)

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  • *subscribes

  • Noooiiice

  • Great choices so far

  • ooooh. very nice choices I concur.

  • I was so tempted by this frame when it was on the classifieds.

    Subbed to this.

    What are you thoughts on the rest of the build?

  • Pink cables huh?

    Ok, I'm in!

  • thanks all!

    @Lanterne_Rouge I've got an Ultegra 6500/6510 groupset. Just waiting for the front mech and on the lookout for a bottom bracket. It's not as easy as I had imagined with the combination of v1 octalink + italian threads + 109mm spindle length but I've got a couple of leads. Other than that, I'm waiting to receive a Dia Compe headset from SJS which neatly ticked all the boxes (reasonably priced, italian standard, cartridge bearings). Saddle will be a classic flite. And you know the wheels already.

    The last undecided bit are the bottle cages really. I know they will be silver but that's it. This looks cool but is in a slightly darker shade of silver.

  • I used to have a spare, new 109mm Italian octalink bb. Kept it for bloody ages before getting rid cheaply. Should have kept it

    Looks like this is gonna be good

  • is this going to be a dry day machine?

  • That's really nice dude

  • And you know the wheels already

    Yeah but I don't!

  • Pink cables ftw.

  • It probably will, as I have a bike with properly long, permanently affixed mudguards now.

  • A very nice pair composed of velocity rims on ultegra hubs! Still need inner tubes.

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  • Also received the headset, and got a bottom bracket for a good price off eBay. And some copper grease so that all these bits play nicely together.

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  • Another piece of the puzzle has arrived. I should be able to start putting together some bike.

    Anybody has a headset press I could borrow around Finsbury Park? 😇

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  • Is that headset threaded?

    edi:t I scrolled up and looked at the stem and answered my own question. carry on!

  • Please get new decals that say megalols

  • Ok that's enough of the idle chit-chatting now get building.

  • Could be a divisive idea given the Lost Prophets connection

  • What's happening @cgg?

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I am Groot

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