The Resurrection of the Very Cross

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  • So @Hulsroy has gone and got himself and fancy new bike and kindly sold me his Tricross Singlecross (silly name, good frame).

    She's going to be called TrèsCross I think.

    It's going to have two guises. Cross in the winter and touring, audax'ing and general mile munching until then. And this second guise will be the first build.

    I'm mostly set on the build and it will be general parts bin raiding.

    Frame and fork as Husroy's build but I will at some point swap out the forks for something with bosses and caliper holes.

    Wheels are inspired by Hulsoy again. I have some NOS Shimano 600 hubs that are spaced 100/120 (the rear is 5 speed). And I'm going to lace these to a pair of Ambrosio Evolution rims in black. The spoke will be butted and silver and the nipples will be brass.

    I'm going to build another front wheel with a dynamo, same rim but probably Shutter Precision hub.

    The drivetrain will be a RD2 chain set with a 42 teeth ring (strong light). Rear spacers are undecided but the sprockets will be Shimano DX because they'll slide right on to the Uniglide hub. And it will be held in place with an old BSA locking.

    The finishing kit will be Deda but stealthed with logos removed.

    That's it for the moment and here's the bike frame hung upsidedown. The work to date is limited to installing a square taper BB.

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  • Dope

  • Subbed

    @Hulsroy what happened to the wheelset?

  • Keeping the wheelset but removed rear hub. It is up for grabs if you want it?

  • The one you modded?
    Yeah I'll take that.
    I'll PM tomorrow!

  • 42 teeth strong light ring added to RD2 chainset. This is progress!

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  • Stem before stealthing.

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  • Stem during stealthing. Cotton rag soaked in 100% acetone then wrapped in cling film. And left for half an hour.

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  • Stem after stealthing. Yeah made no difference at all. Even with elbow grease. In fact the logo might actually be even more brilliant and shiny!

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  • I LOLed

  • Wrap it in newbaum! Or gaffertape it for that street-photographer look.

  • I’m afraid I did too. I’ve a black sharpie you can borrow.

  • Even my ride snack mocked me this morning.

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  • Hope this helps!

  • @Tijs it makes me feel better and worse.

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  • Just print out the picture and tape it to the stem. Simple!

  • The plan is to build the wheels this week. Having two children means I have plenty of spare time so it's definitely going to happen this week for sure.

    And has anyone got advice for stealthing my stem. I suppose I could get it resprayed the same colour as the frame?

  • I guess you could use some paint to get it full black on the cheap. It won't super hard-wearing but that's something.

  • ...or keep logos.

    I have had Deda components before where logo have been 'sticking'. I find that a polishing wheel works and then wiped down with acetone afterwards. But it is a fine line between just enough abrasion and acetone.

  • I'm going to keep the logos because I'm lazy and building the wheels is the priority.

  • They could be a lot worse

  • Have two sets of Deda rhm02 bars, took bloody ages to get the logos off with a non stick scourer and boots own brand nail polish, still left a ghost impression.

  • Same here. Got a bit woozy from acetone eventually 😀

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The Resurrection of the Very Cross

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