Paris Roubaix

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  • There doesn't appear to be a thread for this yet so here we go...

    I've just booked my Eurostar tickets to go and watch. Never been before so as you might expect I'm extremely excited!

    We're heading to Lille and hiring a car the day before...

    But where's the best place to go and watch?!
    I like the idea of being at the velodrome for the finish... but I also like the idea of being in the Arenberg Forest where apparently they also have a big screen. Is it at all possible to do both? Or is it better to just choose a preference and dedicate your efforts to getting a decent spot? If so, which one's better / what kind of time do you have to get there, etc etc?

    Any tips greatly appreciated.

    Also, feel free to use this thread as a general place to chat about the race... after all, it is Paris fucking Roubaix!

  • The velodrome doesn't open until around midday, but queues start forming an hour or so before. The Arenberg is a bit special and I love that you can see the race coming from such a long way out (especially last year in the dust) but I'd probably choose the velodrome, to be able to follow the race on the big screen as much as the sure-fire battle to the line.

  • And if you've not ridden it before you really should ride the Challenge on the Saturday. You'll watch the race in a whole different way after that. Here's my experience of riding Paris-Roubaix in 2017.

    How about this shot I took for being in the right place at the right time? The precise moment when GvA dropped the hammer on the cat-and-mouse final lap.

  • Thanks @DarrenFranks! I think we'll head for the velodrome then.
    Unfortunately we probably won't have our bikes with us so won't be doing the ride.

    Awesome write up, and a great photo! : )

  • Vanilla have got vittoria pave 27s in stock . Just bought 2 so choppy chop.

  • Argh panic bought.
    Just received some Hutchinson Sector 28’s. Decisions decisions!!

  • With your there !!!😟

  • So currently running Corsa 25’s on Hope 25, on my Canyon Ultimate.
    Can’t decide what to do!?
    What’s your dilemma??

  • Tyres are sold out😋 not a dilemma really gravel king 28s on hope 25s or the pave with latex tubes . I have both.

  • They didn’t hang around long!!

    Edit; or they didn’t have them?

  • Posted and on the way .

  • Hi all, I have a spare ticket for the 145km if anyone is interested?

  • Anyone know how similar the route is year to year?

    Thinking a wee trip to see this next year would be good but don't want to make plans based on this years route if it's likely to be totally different next year.

  • Riding it gives you access to the Veledrome the next day...

  • It has changed a bit over the years, but much of it stays the same, they always use most of the sectors of pave. The year they reintroduced Arenberg, and the year they turned around and came at it the opposite way round, were the recent biggish changes. They also are restoring some sectors, especially near Wallers, that may be added at some point.
    But if you follow this year's route it will be mostly the same next year.

  • I'm looking at riding from Calais (or Zeebrugge, or Brussels airport, whichever would be cheaper) to the Arenberg area, that'll be quite enough.

  • Obvs you can get into the velodrome without having to ride the sportive event.
    As far I know it's possible to catch a few of the cobbled sections if you head for Arenberg with a bike / car.

    We went to the velodrome and had a great time but watching them on the cobbles would be a blast, I'm sure : )

  • Eurostar is pretty cheap far enough in advance.
    Then you can ride it ;o) thank me later.

  • It is, it just means a possible wait for the bike(s) to turn up.

    So far cheapest way might actually be to do the sportive as a package where travel is included. The ferry is ridiculous, unless you just go Dover-Calais but coming from Glasgow, getting to Dover with a bike is a challenge in and of itself.

    Just had another look and I’m pretty sure a sportive package coach trip is gonna work out as one of the cheapest options and probably the least hassle.

    Can I really deal with hours and hours sitting on a coach with bloody cyclists though!

  • Time to change the title , entries for 2019 are open only 147 days to go !!!!!

    Liege is also available

  • Thinking of doing the 70km. As it's short should I jazz it up and go fixed? Anyone ridden it so? Would be on my pompino with 32mm tyres so comfy fixed.

  • 32mm tyres so comfy fixed.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  • It's pan flat and you'd want to push a bigger gear over cobbles anyway, so I think you'd be fine fixed.

  • The 70 misses most or all of the cobbles bigger gears deffo.

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Paris Roubaix

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