1975 Cadillac build thread

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  • The backstory - I found this car in an abandoned building in early 2017. After doing some research it turned out nobody had a clue who owned it and it was headed to the crusher as the building was set to be demolished. Here's the first pictures I took, note how dark it was inside the building? Well, using only a phone torch I had to quickly ascertain whether it was solid enough to consider rescuing and decided it was.

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  • So I spent the next few days researching what it actually was, a 70's Cadillac Eldorado with an 8.2 litre V8. Yeh, big engine right? How could I let this beast get cubed, I wanted it, badly, and I was not letting anyone stop me. Naturally I told friends and family about my discovery but was quite surprised when most didn't share my enthusiasm and actually tried to put me off taking it. Ofcourse I did what I usually do, totally ignored all advice and proceeded with trying to get it rolling and out of the building. Much work later we got her home and I started cleaning the interior out.

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  • That looks like quite a project!

  • Followed. This is going to be good!

  • Awesome!

  • You'd be mad to repaint that, go for 'ratina'™.

    You nutter

  • Incredible, looking forward to seeing this come together.
    The bonnet is the same size as my entire car!

  • Wow.. quite impressive. Let's hope you can see it through. American cars are quite simple mechanically and robust too. Parts both new and scrap yard types should be available off the shelf.
    Shipping and duty will be the killer.
    But there is a good American car scene in UK and many expert garages.
    The American day at the ace cafe is indeed epic and a good place to meet some knowledgeable people.

  • Amazing - Where on earth do you start ?

  • Yep parts wise the only thing i'm really stuck on is the front seats, the bases were rotten and i'm not sure if they can be saved. I've got a whole load of bits coming this weekend thanks to 2 forum members who did me a massive favour and helped collect them from the guy I sent money to 6 months ago and disappeared.
    I'm doing my best to get all the graffiti off and save as much of the burgandy as possible, although I believe it has been repainted before and the original colour was red.

  • Apparently the first thing you do is polish the front bumper. After sitting in the carpark for 6 months I decided to start doing some work on it last weekend. Before and after pics.

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  • The mind boggles...

  • You know you can pick up a perfectly driveable second hand Prius for a few grand right? /Trollface

  • Epic. Would have so kept the graffiti though.

  • Boss Hogg

  • 8.2 litre V8

    Even if your family and close friends aren't supportive, there are plenty of people here keen to see how the project goes.

  • Would have so kept the graffiti though.

    That was what I was getting at.

    But actually, if you went to trouble of bringing this back II life, and then some new graff appeared on it you'd be reet pissed.

  • Leave the rest of the graffiti though!

    I'd just clean the dirt off, and wax it with 'Anker Wax' . It gives a lovely dull Matt sheen and protects what's there already!

  • The graffiti is/was awful! It's all going! They couldn't even spell 'classic' correctly on the passenger side wing!

  • Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? Pictures of the car supposedly from 2011. Quite how he managed to light up the dark building like that I don't know.

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  • Land yatch FTW

  • Scrap the garfiti (sic) but try to keep the original paint as is underneath if possible, for now at least... Could look really good with the patina and if not then get it resprayed later. Interior is a lovely colour though!

  • Needs hydraulic suspension. Then you cn drive down the embankment bouncing up and down admiring the Thames nd feeling like a yacht.
    If that not your thing just blast some old school hip hop and pretend your in Compton.
    Getting me so excited. The possibilities are endless.
    I must add that American are much more prone to modifiy cars then Europeans that prefer originality. So do what your heart feels is right. And tell everyone else to mind there own business.

  • This looks amazing good luck on the project.

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1975 Cadillac build thread

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