LFGSS Stickers - buy stickers the money goes to the forum

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  • It's a popular abbreviation for a particular type of mud in the Gravel thread.
    Shit From A Butt.
    Quite fancied a couple for my off road bikes.

  • PM me, maybe we can sort something out.

  • Brakes are dead.

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  • @dangeek will you be restocking the Campagyolo stickers at any point?

  • Sorry, I don't think I will. They didn't really sell well.

  • Added to my 01FIX1 sticker on the Langster steel. Looks rad.

  • 💥🔥🔥🔥💥

  • Are CabinCycles on holiday or somesuch? Order placed on 25 Feb and still nothing ... no reply from emails - has anyone been round and checked they are ok?

  • I’m ok. I think there might have been an issue in the post at my end though as someone else messaged me about some stickers that didn’t arrive from the same time in February.
    Send me a PM and I’ll get it sorted.

  • @dangeek Was just wondering How easy it would be for you to modify your “support your local bike shop” stickers to “support your local refugees” and do a run of those? I feel it’s something people need reminded of sometimes and might also make a refugee smile if they saw it. I imagine there’d be interest on here for some.

  • Thank you dangeek, arrived safely and quickly!

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  • I’m on holiday for a few weeks so the shop is closed.
    I’ll update on here when I’m back.

  • The shop is back up and running!
    Place your orders now!

  • Brakes dead, rider alive.

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  • @dangeek
    Have you run out of Girls on bikes (the stickers, not the actual girls!)

  • Sorry Girls on Bike isn't me 🤷♂️

  • @dangeek
    Oh... Where did I see those?

  • @Maj Where did you get the Girls on Bikes decal? Thks.

  • I want to make some stickers which combines my interests in bikes/cycling + growing and eating organic vegetables (and/or regenerative farming).
    But I can't come up with anything I like.
    Like all of my stickers I'm making them because I want one and some for friends and then possibly in the shop.
    Any ideas?

  • That is very cool, ordered some stickers hoping they would be here now have a thrash about in town over the weekend, me and the son, he has progressed to a fixie, how long do stickers normally take?

  • Hmm, few terrible ideas

    1. Sow Seeds not Co2
    2. This machine kills pesticides
    3. Organic Veg, Organic Brake pads
    4. Support your local veg shop
    5. Shimangrow
    6. Follow me to the allotment
    7. Powered by Courgettes


  • Eat greens, don't lean.

  • Sorry mate I'm a little slow. I needed to buy envelopes today and I'll post tomorrow

  • No worries....

    • Ride your bicykale
    • Powered by bicykale
    • Being a vegan is a big missed steak
    • Cycle for an avocardio workout
    • Two wheels and a veggie motor
    • Grow your own fuel
    • Plant Powered
    • This machine kills cars

    Equally sorry - self-referral to LLL

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LFGSS Stickers - buy stickers the money goes to the forum

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