LFGSS Stickers - buy stickers the money goes to the forum

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  • Ooh, nice, grabbed DAS, IKFG and pride wheels, all bangers

  • Arrived, cheers @dangeek! Now, where to stick it...

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  • Damn, missed the paging

    Ordered a bunch of other stuff for Amsterdam nonetheless (thank you)... Actually a barnet address, envelopes get forwarded :-)

  • Ordered, paid, recieved.

  • Hi all forgive my newness but do you just order the stickers through cabin cycles ? Or have to add name to a list on here ?

  • Yes use the link https://www.cabincycles.co.uk/
    Great service from them when ive used them

  • Happy days thanks @seamus your a gent !

  • Hello all, hope you’re well

    And sorry to @dangeek for This hijack

    I’ve had some “Lufguss”, that is “lufguss” not “lfgss”, sky blue vinyl transfers made - about 1.5 cm x 6 cm or so, they were scaled for non oversized steel tubing

    It was a rigmarole getting them sized and priced but a overly accommodating business who usually deals in sizing for cars did it for me, they’ll likely be here next week I’m told

    I’m only going to have 10, so I’m offering them on a collection only basis

    But if there is interest, now it’s all done I assume I can have more made

    Will let people know when they arrive, first batch (possibly only batch) just show a donation to the forum on collection?

    Bonus points If you let me put it on your bike

  • 🤗 one please. (Including application)

  • I’ll grab one for sure! You can stick away

  • If you end up getting more and are willing to post I’d love one of these.

  • I’ll pop one in the post for you, least I can do

    May take a little time but dm me your address :)

  • ignore wrong reply!

  • 🌈⚡️🌈

  • Any update on the stickers!!?

  • No I need to email them today, I imagine they’re just bunking off

    For which ofc I Stan

  • I actually checked and I had an email on Saturday for the invoice, please disregard my insinuation they might be bunking off

  • Today I’m Re-stocking the black LFGSS stickers and these new bad boys.

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  • Finally got round to ordering some stickers, they're going to my mum's address and not to me so it will be another year or two before I showcase them on one of my bikes. Maybe by then fixed gear will have been brought back to life?!

  • I’ll PM you to see if we can sort it out ✌️

  • It's all good - maybe she can put a sticker on her bike, join the gang.

  • Loving those new bad boys might have to do another order soon!

  • You’re the one that’s bunking off ;)

  • @dangeek when is that restock happening, love those new ones and had just popped some others in a basket there

  • Tour of Britain is coming past my road at 11:30, so once that’s done I’ll get on with it.

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LFGSS Stickers - buy stickers the money goes to the forum

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