LFGSS Stickers - buy stickers the money goes to the forum

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  • @dangeek I was wondering if you could help replicating some Look KG381 Team decals?

    Also - got any DBAD left?


  • Also - got any DBAD left?

    its on the turbo now

  • How are the brakes?

  • they perform amazingly well on the turbo

  • Hi,
    I'm afraid I can't help with repro decals.
    But there are still DBAD stickers. You can order them from the website here.
    But I'm not sure I'll be going to the post office any time soon.

  • Right, the post office near me is back open so I'll go there this week.
    If anyone here is waiting for stickers, I'm sorry for the delay.
    If anyone wants sticker get your order in in the next couple of days and I'll post them all together.

  • so 8 months later and finally all three bikes were clean at the same time (thanks lockdown) so got them on. stuck one on the back of the bike carrying car too for the extra shout out to the forum

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    • lfgss_stickered.jpg
  • Good stuff!
    I might stick one on my car too.

  • For anyone that's waiting on some stickers. I went to the post office today so all orders are on the way.

  • do it

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    • IMG_20200522_121753.jpg
  • kinda looks a bit small but if fellow forumemger gets right up my arse on it they will see it, nod approvingly, and back off a little. Gonna start stickering up the whole back of the old bimmer but will leave that one with some room to breathe

  • Got any ‘Save the triple’ ones for Odd Bob?

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    • BED35EB5-E6B1-42CE-A8CE-7C5A4C0E0473.jpeg
  • Shamone stickers here. Look wicked. Pics to follow pending build.

  • There is someone on Instagram that does Save the rim Brake stickers. It's not me though.
    Nice bike by the way.

  • Thanks. Post some pics.

  • Ordered a few lfgss & dbad as I've run out of them :-)

  • Have two bombed frames and—shamefully—no LFGSS stickers. Put in an order to rectify. Not sure if you're back being friendly with your local post office, but (obviously) no rush. Ta.

  • I'll go at some point this week. The queues were massive before, hopefully it's calmed down a bit.

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LFGSS Stickers - buy stickers the money goes to the forum

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