Take one set of Columbus O.S. Tubes

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  • As has become my custom, I spent a week at the start of the year on the South Coast with Geoff Roberts, building a bicycle frame.

    As in previous years, I went down with camera and notebook, and the full intention of carefully documenting the process, mitre by mitre, braze by braze.

    Obviously therefore, I took no 'photo's and wrote no notes. I did however, have a great time - as always - and came away with a frame that I am sure, once it is built up, will be a pleasure to ride.

    I'm calling this one a 'light tourer'. As noted in the title on the thread, it was built with Columbus Life Oversized Tubes. These were joined together with Llewelyn lugs and, rather daringly for me, the frame has a sloping top tube.

    As I'm now starting to get the hang of this framebuilding malarkey, I had intended to build my own fork. However, Max Fork blades proved somewhat reluctant to the process of raking, and a bit of a miss-communication with Ceeway meant that in the end I had to leave sans-fork, and Geoff built them last week and sent them on.

    I am, nevertheless, very happy with the frame & fork combo currently sitting in the shed.

    Here you go:

  • Very nice. Will there be canti mounts/ what's the cable hanger for?

  • I'm planning on fitting Paul 'Racer' brakes.

    They are centre-pull but standard mount.

    They are also pretty expensive, but I want to give it a bit of a Randonneur feel - proper mudguards, rack that sort of thing.

  • Your frame building threads are one of my favourite things on this forum. Can't wait.

  • Great stuff, looking forward to this build especially with the forks and set up you are planning. Paul racer brakes are superb ( have a pair on my thorn)

  • Thanks. I'll try not to let you down ;)

  • This looks beautiful already. You're really getting the hang of this framebuilding malarkey.

  • Ta ;)

  • Great frame, I especially like the lugs and “elevated” head tube. This will turnout into something great and I really want to see it happen! If you need any, there’s plenty of inspiration on bikeforums.com in C&V section. Good luck 😉

  • Nice!

  • Pink and silver again?

  • I don't think so.

    I'm booked to do the Cole Coating 'paint your own bike' workshop in February, and I think I am going to ask for, and follow their advice.

    In other news, not seen you about for a while, too cold for you to walk the dog?

  • If you are building it yourself, you could hack a direct mount for mafac racers .. they go quite cheap on eBay, can be polished nicely.

    Gran compe also, they will take a nice mini front rack.

    This guy has done some: https://www.instagram.com/patriktegner/

  • Nice site; I'll be looking at it for ages.

    Might have a go a building my own rack - if it ever stops raining!

  • Also, no SON contactless set up? ;)

    Sorry I am trying to live precariously vicariously through you.

  • The word you are looking for is ‘vicariously’.


  • Nah we have just been walking the dog at later hours. You have any Tate coffee left? we ran out.

  • This looks like it's going to be great. One question, is there any reason you haven't gone with the boss mounting for the Racers?

  • The only reason is aesthetic. For the same reason, I have only gone for single bosses on front and rear dropouts, whereas twin dropouts would have been more practical.

  • I am on my last bag. Next time I place an order, I'll over-order, and sort you out;)

  • I have been on the 'Paint your bike' course at Cole Coatings.

    Obviously I have taken no notes, and have just a few crappy iPhone images.

    I am however very happy with how it is going.

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  • That is excellent! I’m looking forward to seeing this built up

  • Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing it built up too.

  • Looking good. I'm hoping to do the Cole Coatings course in August, if I can get frame #3 finished by then.

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Take one set of Columbus O.S. Tubes

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