Adult Fixie-skidders of LEGO

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  • Woo!

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  • Finished my mosaic - 2500 pieces which means it is 80cm squared. Will need a frame of some sorts.

    Was expensive.

    Very satisfying to make.

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  • That's bloody ace

  • Well impressive.

  • I was anticipating the result. Not disappointed at all! Very cool!

  • Well done!

  • Yeah, that looks fun.

  • If anyone wants to make a similar picture I can send you a parts list based on an image.

  • Currently £12.50 at Tesco.

  • Worth noting that that's the 'Clubcard Price'.

  • Did you spray paint anything in the end or did you get the right pieces at horrendous prices?

  • No spraying in the end. I found most at reasonable prices, the pink ones that I couldn't get I substituted for sand green which I had over ordered on. I don't think you'd notice.

  • Good to hear you found it at an adequate price in the end. How are you fixing the baseplates together? Just frame them?

  • Double sided tape onto a backing board and then make a frame to go around that.

    Need to source more material for all of that.

  • Tax return money spent yesterday!

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  • Awesome.

  • Much 'phew, phew'!

  • Guess what the older brother is building outside the photo!

  • For the three people in the world who might be considering 10283 but aren't already subscribed to Scott Manley:­NgI­E3U

  • @Soul:­3in1-sommer-2021-neuheiten/121871/

    It doesn't say whether this is a 90th birthday celebration set, but why else would they do one like this following that poll? Not many minifigures--obviously, what everybody wants there are massable knights, so that's probably a miss (but wouldn't be possible without a number of smaller sets to accompany it). Also somewhat disappointing that they've made it a Creator set instead of reviving LEGOLAND (or at least starting a Medieval line). I do like the different designs at first glance, though.

    Considering that there isn't official 90th birthday branding on this, maybe there will be more sets based on what came high up in the poll, and this is a consolation prize? IIRC all the knights lines together attracted more votes than anything else. Of course, it's entirely possible that this is what they've picked and there won't be any others.

  • Thanks for the heads up. It’s a nice set but I was hoping for the castle base and maybe some horse knights etc.

    As you say, could be a coincidence and a 90yr set could be on the way.

  • Yes, and I know it's not 'your' edition of the Knights. The 'Black Falcons' (although we never called them that) came out in the 80s.

    I rather doubt that they'd still do a castle base like those old ones, sadly. They've generally moved away from the customised base plates that you used to get with most themes, including those for the castles. I did like old-style base plates, my favourites obviously being the space versions with moon craters, but they did have their drawbacks, and LEGO now seems to be angling for the different approach that we've just seen in the new City 'road plates', i.e. probably thicker and more solid, not so easily punctured.

  • You’re probably right. We’ve still got the original plate to be fair so I could recreate the set. Just something appealing about owning a pristine version of my childhood memories.

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Adult Fixie-skidders of LEGO

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