Adult Fixie-skidders of LEGO

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  • Any other forumers doing the lego challenge now your kids are at home all the time.

    Here is our effort at day one's Rollercoaster. Pretty hard when you're low on technics style stuff, generally pretty hard anyway. As a plus, also got to mess around with the eldest trying to animate it. Pretty pleased considering 45mins effort and having a 4 and 7 year old to guide...

    Tomorrow's space rocket should be easier.

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  • That's cool. Lego challenge could of spread out days 8&9

  • Day two...

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  • Thanks. Its certainly one of the silver linings to the craziness outside. I'll likely be spamming this thread a fair bit - lfgss is quite a convenient image host for this stuff.

    Can't believe no one else is getting any Lego done though...odly quiet in here for a world supposedly stuck inside!

  • Can't believe no one else is getting any Lego done though...odly quiet in here for a world supposedly stuck inside!

    I brought my Lego home from its usual storage at the parents just in case, but for now I'm on business as usual being classified as a key worker. If I start posting MOCs on here, you'll know I have COVID 🙂

  • not sure what moc means but here's our farm dudes

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  • MOC is My Own Creation, so playing Lego, not just building the sets.

  • These are ace, and i do like the way the challenge encourages people to build out side the box as it were, and try models/ideas that are not in their normal scope.
    The start-stop animations are a great addition too!

  • owl (a)

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  • Take them all apart. Hide for 2 weeks. Bring back out.

    OH MY GOD!!! NEW TOYS!!!!

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  • All very Mad Max, brilliant.

  • Nowhere near your standards but we've been having a go most days. Posted Escape from Mars today to the Dad's & Mum's thread as it was first shared there I think.

    We're using the Duplo mostly as the little'un is reluctant to undo her Lego, although day 4 gave us the opportunity to do this set for the first time, also in the D&M thread.

  • Had to unbox 10715 to save some space in my small flat

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  • Didn't actually have to spend half an hour doing this

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  • Fuck. We had that exact tray when I was growing up! Not seen that pattern in 25yrs but would know it anywhere.

  • I think everyone did

  • From the Autumn Leaves oven to tableware collection, a familiar hand me down from parents.

  • Been busy making a Duplo city. He's very interested in fireman at the moment.

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  • Good efforts all round home-schoolers.

    We strayed from the challenge as the film set and house didn't really get much traction with the little ones. They did enjoy the task to make a pick up truck though, then we turned it into an homage to our favourite mountain bike YouTube video (One Shot: Brandon Semenuk). We've upped the ante with the addition of sound too, and published our first YouTube video. So much learning. Me more than them I think.

  • That is pretty amazing!

  • House and house

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  • Wow - that's awesome. Did you order the bricks specially? I see we've got the same bike.

  • Ha, that’s brilliant!

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Adult Fixie-skidders of LEGO

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