lazy binmen?

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  • Someone local to me noticed a problem recently of the bin men as they collect bins trying to tip 2 bins into one so they don't need to wheel as many to the truck and the result being rubbish everywhere on the pavement and all along the street. The street isn't swept often and so it's normal for rubbish to be everywhere and it's mostly just from the bin men.

    I asked a couple of friends and they said similar goes on miles away in other areas, just wondering if anyone has had dealings with taking people to task about it before.

  • Find the number of the responsible department of your local Council, even though it will most probably be a contracted out service. Explain that you want the 'Clean Up team' or whatever the inhouse phrase is. All the more effective if your complaint includes food waste. Will take a couple of calls before some performance feedback mechanism rectifies the behaviour. Also email your local Councillor each time you have to go through this process.

  • Fill the close bin with petrol.

    In the second bin have tilt switch (­y:tilt-tip-over-movement-switches/cId:11­115) connected to a piezo sparker (­electric-battery-operated-piezo-spark-ig­nitor-22mm-hole-bbq-6-burner-6-output/)



    (don't actually do this)

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lazy binmen?

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