The Dog Shit Problem

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  • It's getting worse around here, probably everywhere. Is there a national campaign group that could use more support?

    All Google highlights is a bit of work by the dogs trust:­/news/every-bin-is-a-win

  • Highlight every little pile. Gold spray paint, glitter, hundreds and thousands, confetti. That way it can be avoided and the dog owner might be shamed into clearing it up in future.

  • As a dog owner, I agree with all of the above. But what really gets my fucking goat is catshit in my garden and all along my street. At least most dog owners bag it up - I don't know any cat owners that can be arsed to do so.

  • My local council supplies free pink chalk spray paint to anyone that wants to literally highlight the problem. Someone near me was doing a sterling job of painting offending turds and was probably quite popular until he/she decided to spray 'Merry Christmas!' on the side of someone's house.

  • Getting sick of doggers bagging it and then throwing the bag so it hangs from a tree. Are they making jenkem or something?

  • Cunts cunts everywhere

  • what really gets my fucking goat is catshit in my garden and all along my street

    Harder to tackle as cats roam free? We keep a litter tray for our cat, although he is also free to roam so probably shits local too.

    The Catshit problem thread >>>>>>>>

    Local roads, pavement, park, paths & trails on the whole don't seem plagued with catshit tho, whole lotta dog eggs though. Having to constantly look out for it on behalf of a 4yr old & then deal with it at the end of most runs / rides is annoying.

  • local council supplies free pink chalk spray paint

    Sounds perfect. Will look into. Tend to use cat litter to highlight & dessicate it when it is outside the house.

  • For the record, I really am a dogegg nazi- regularly giving bags to arseholes that have 'forgotten theirs' and so on. But my 3 and 6 year olds tend to come in with far more cat shit on their wellies that dog crap.

    If a cat is going to shit anywhere it pleases because it 'roams free', lock it in the house and let it shit there. Not in my fucking allotment....

    Signed, narky from Tunbridge Wells 😉

  • photograph offender and report to council
    threat of dog being removed might change their mind

  • Getting sick of doggers bagging it and then throwing the bag so it hangs from a tree.

    What baffles me the most is that where I live there are a lot of people who go through the trouble of grabbing the warm dogshit and putting it in a bag, only to leave the bag right there, where the dog shat in the first place.

  • Highlight every little pile.

    Mother of a friend of mine who is a primary school teacher had a project that involved making colourful little paper flags that the little ones used to "highlight" dog shit on their way home.
    They loved it, most of the parents didn't.

  • That was one of many 'inventions' that never made it into the shops....I wanted to make the bags from highly luminescent polythene. Then, when they bag it and fuck it up the nearest tree, it would be free lighting for the unwashed.

  • Oh I wonder if they do here too, there’s loads of doglogs sprayed pink.

  • Also all these turds will be covered by virgin white snow very soon.

  • There'll come the day when it all melts.

    You'll think it's mud.

    But it isn't.

  • I think near me a decent number are from urban foxes just on the street but then a few of the more popular dog walking routes in the local parks have trees full of bags of poo, some I've seen are actual hung next to the dog poo bins like it would have been easier to put in the bin rather than tie to a branch but dog walkers having weird poo bag habits prevails.

    What bugs me more is when dog owners just let dogs with an inclination to jump up on people off leads and then walk along paths where they know the dog will jump up on a dozen people with muddy paws. I like dogs but some days I just don't want paw prints all over my jeans as I've decided to walk across a park rather than around. Typically you look at the owner and they have huge welly boots and waders like they are going fishing as they signed up to that dog walking crap, I didn't.

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The Dog Shit Problem

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