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  • I would like to know if the rack is compatible with canti brakes ?

  • I'd say it depends on the combination of (the design of the support hanger of) the Pizza rack, and the distance between the cantilever brake mounts on the fork & the fork crown hole (in other words the tyre clearance).

    Because the rack attaches via a support hanger to the fork crown hole, the straddle wire of the cantilever brake (ideally) has to go over this hanger. So depending on how high the hanger is in relation to the fork crown hole and the fork crown hole is to the cantilever mounts on the fork, the straddle wire might not clear the hanger.

    In other words: there is no easy way to tell.

    Not a Pizza rack, but same principle: I had to guide my brake cable through the support hanger of my (Pelago) rack:

    But I don't recommend this, because when the brake pads wore, the upper part of the straddle cable hit the underside of the hanger, making braking impossible.

    I'm currently in the proces of figuring out a solution for this. Pelago provide a second, lower support hanger with the rack, but this means I have to fill up the space between the hanger and the rack with spacers. Even then it barely fits under the straddle cable; it kinda rests on top of the hanger, pulling the already tight brake pads every so slightly towards the rim.

  • This is how I've done it and how I'm going to improve it.

    Also use loctite.

  • does it need mid fork bolt?

  • That's smart, but doesn't that create a (big) moment of force on the bolt? Would be afraid it could snap when the rack is loaded.

  • I think shear loads for M6 A2/A4 bolts are significantly higher than the loads would be on a rack rated to 15kg, also given that load isn't bearing down perpendicular to the bolt because of the mid-fork eyelet.

  • This a pretty old thread...but I've been searching the internet for a solution to this too. Trying to fit a Pizza Rack to a Specialized Tricross with Canti brakes.
    My plan is to replace the kind of 'fishing rod' style cable guide with a stem spacer mounted one and raise the 'v' of the cable split above the rack mount.

    Will report back!!!

  • I recently wrestled with this too - fitting a Pizza Rack to Surly Cross Check that had Tektro canti brakes - but found the cable guide interference was only half the issue. The other problem was getting the rack close enough to the fork without it pressing on the brake calipers. May not be an issue with different canti models idk.

    Anyway, the solution to both issues for me was to buy some mini-Vs instead (Β£12 on Wiggle). They don't use the midfork bolt and they are nice and slim so no interference.

  • Hey croggy! A fellow headscratcher!
    Yes I thought about V-brakes too but for whatever reason opted for tweaking the cable guide setup...see pics
    It works fine and no impact on braking power raising the straddle cable. But I did manage to feed a new brake cable through the sheath which was lucky - otherwise the handlebar taping would have had to get replaced too :(

  • The problem...

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  • The solution...

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  • But very close to the brakes!!!

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  • Et voilΓ !

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  • And yes...I had to sacrifice one of the double bolts on the connector arm to get me a few extra mm away from the brakes- so it's only fitted with one but not going to be used at full capacity anyway :)

  • Yes - exact same issue! Here's how it is with the mini-Vs

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  • Oooh...that's much tidier. Plus you didn't need to sacrifice a bolt.
    Thanks! Might upgrade mine to that at some point!

  • Just so you know, those mounts on the side of the tricross fork aren't designed to be used with a rack. I'd avoid loading it up too much, as the fork might fail

  • Hi @ACRe19 - thanks for the heads up.

    I went off the info in the review below...Β­cyclocross-bikes/specialized-tricross-spΒ­ort-review-2/

    ...but I appreciate the warning. Not planning on bike touring or anything - it's to put very light panniers on the front because child seat is now on the rear. All the more reason to check it out further I guess.

    Where did you get that info? Is it rated at all???

    I bought second hand and didn't get a manual.


  • I believe it has been mentioned on here before - and generally you need special reinforcement in carbon forks to accommodate racks. I may be wrong though, and those forks (having owned a single cross) are extremely burly

  • So folks... for anyone seeking this out in future - The model I enquired about was the Specialized Tricross 2010 Sport Triple:

    Response from Specialized CC is a relief after all those mods!

    "The fact carbon forks on the 2009 model and the 2010 model are very similar and have the same rack mounting points on the sides of the forks meaning that the 2010 forks will be rated to carry load.

    The maximum load capacity on the Pizza rack itself is 15kg and looking through our previous model bikes that have the ability to carry luggage or load on the front of the bike, the max capacity has been 14kg so for your 2010 Tricross we would not advise exceeding 14kg on your pizza rack.

    I hope this is helpful

    I would like to thank you again for your feedback.

    If we can help with anything else please let us know.

    Kind regards

    Specialized Rider Care

    Specialized UK Ltd
    29 Barwell Business Park,
    Leatherhead Road,
    Chessington, KT9 2NY
    United Kingdom


  • Sweet, good to know

  • Anyone know which Wald basket is the best to fit to a Specialized Pizza Rack?

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Pizza rack (Specialized)

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