1996 Trek Y22 OCLV

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  • Right, so because I don’t know how to get my money-spending priorities straight, I’ve bought a quite silly bike, for a new, quite silly project.

    I’m pretty broke after Christmas, but I had to have the bike, though that means that this project may be a long one, due to cash constraints.

    Apologies for the piss poor photos- I’ll get some nicer ones taken tomorrow.

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  • Is that the one where they used Pritt Stick to attach the rear shock mount?

  • Sounds about right to me

  • This is excellent. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Well...it has survived this long...

  • I mean, I ride about on a Spinergy Rev X, and I’ve been commuting on 200mm travel DH forks recently - I can’t exactly become the poster boy for buying sensible cycle equipment, at this point

  • This frame needs 200mm DH forks and death wheels - what are you waiting for?

  • See that was sort of my thinking. 2x 26” Spinergys, and my Marzocchi 888 Bombers. Would be a total tank, but also totally ridiculous.

    Especially considering that my Marzocchis are for disc brake wheels and thru-axle, so wouldn’t fit a Spinergy anyway :(

  • Look at that: a Trek Y22 with Spinergys, and my Kona with 200mm Marzocchis. Let’s keep those forks on the DH bike

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  • What the fuck are those grips bro. Nah

  • Really? You’re asking about the grips, rather than that stem? The saddle height? The yellow pedals?!

  • I had the bike at work and needed some grips and thought that they will do until I found some that I preferred. £1.40 or something on trade, so why not?

  • Sick you got it running. What RD and cassette in the end?

  • Deore chain, derailleur, and 11-36 cassette

  • kona is mad. what's it like to pedal on the flat??

  • Sick! We finished building one of these in the shop today, will take a pic tomorrow :)

  • Pedalling on the flat is fine, but even the slightest incline makes for a serious workout

  • Awesome man, would love to see it!

  • I don't get it? The seatpost? The stem? You've explained the grips... what's going on?

  • Are you asking what is wrong with the seatpost and stem?

  • Well, it’s a downhill bike, so one would usually use a downhill-specific stem on much a bike (~40mm reach, like a brick). I have not. I used the first stem I found in my garden (a 100mm Specialized road stem) and it looks quite out of place on the bike.

    There’s nothing wrong with the seatpost itself, just the saddle height. It’s a pretty big bike, yet I still have the saddle almost comedically high, which also looks quite silly.

  • As promised - some slightly nicer pictures of the Y22

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  • On inspection, the bike is set up with 100% original parts, as it left the factory in 1995. We are talking about it being 100% original down to tyres, brake pads, etc.

    That’s obviously not how I want the bike to be, but it’s pretty cool to be riding it totally stock even 20+ years after it was made.

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1996 Trek Y22 OCLV

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