Housemate problems - what do I do?

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  • or, plan b) kick the fuck out of them and shit in their bed.

  • In all these pages, nobody has questioned why the parents of a bunch of 10 year olds are letting them live in a flat by themselves.

  • Why not have a proper party yourself? Embarrassing thread. You probably spent longer bitching on here about it than you would have done if you'd just tidied.

  • why the parents of a bunch of 10 year olds are letting them live in a flat by themselves

  • My girlfriend left a mug on the side the other day, it still had a tea bag in. I'm not sure if I should dump her tbh. Please help me.

  • Freeze it and hammer it into her bed

  • Just teabag her as a lesson/ treat

  • From the look of those photos, your housemate needs to learn how to throw a proper party.

  • Just realised this thread is 4 pages long, and comments on the weakness of this epic ‘party’ have probably already been made.

    I’m on the Chablis. Am pretty loose RN.

  • Come back when you have a housemate that wakes everyone up at 4am shouting “FUCK YOU, YA FUCKING CUNT!” and you think you’re being burgled, only to find them sat on their own, with a pile of cocaine in front of them, watching the live stream of Big Brother.

    I hated university.

  • If it's any consolation, I only got a 2:1.

    Mind you, I'm one of only two people who can say they've had a wank in your pants.

    So there's that.

  • I blame @dancing James.

    Probably chucked the flatbread in the garden after a failed BBQ experiment with a smoker and a expensive Bluetooth temperature monitor.

    Everyone knows he drinks Budwieser (never posts on the real ale thread).

    And he'd of eaten all the missing popcorn because we all know he loves the popcorn.

  • Still, the Op did miss out the picture of the toilet with all the stirred shit inside it that would made a definite DJ post.

  • No puddles of vomit anywhere? No broken crockery?
    Did a "party" even happen?
    Just looks like a normal household.

  • Come on then @FTChomelessapien what’s the decision?

  • his actions are extravagant
    and have blown shit out of the >water...

    an act of vindictive aggression

    I think he's moved to North Korea to volunteer for their diplomatic corps in exchange for a fully serviced apartment and no parties ever by law.

  • Post a photo of your kitchen right now. Is it messier than the OP's? Probably.

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  • I'm mustering up some outrage for OPs situation. Really.

    In the meantime, nice kitchen @benjam, where are the units and worktop from?

  • Typeface specimen in the kitchen?

    Put yourself in the soft-close bin.

  • You are going to hate my shelves

  • A crow just dropped a bit of garlic bread on my lawn.

    Never seen such a naked act of provokation and violent intent. I needed a few valiums to get myself back together but I'm ok now.

    In retaliation I have taken a flamethrower to the tree it and its family are nesting in. Proportionate and fair imhop.

  • ^very good!

  • I have taken a flamethrower to the tree it and its family are nesting in

    Bit of an over reaction for a first offence. Should have just climbed the tree and shat in its nest.

  • How do you live like this?
    Shit on your own pillow as a lesson.

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Housemate problems - what do I do?

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