Housemate problems - what do I do?

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  • A housemate of mine threw a party a few days before Christmas and didn't clean up the extensive mess left behind. The property has been empty for a few days now and no doubt when I return tomorrow the debris will be festering untouched.

    The culprit in question is a bit of a douche, always leaving passive aggressive comments on the house group chat about the cleanliness of the place (praising himself as a role model and comparing the rest of us to toddlers). It's never that bad but cramming 6 people into a 4 bed house will never be perfect. He's left this Christmas mess to make a point out of this.

    I'm in two minds about tidying the place up tomorrow evening, I'll be the only one there and there's a lot of work. However if I don't do it, which out of principle I shouldn't, the next person to return over Christmas will be faced with the task which isn't fair on them either. Do I bite the bullet or stand my ground? He will never concede to doing this being a stubborn **** that he is, what the hell do I say to this sociopath without starting a war?

    Help is needed, merry Christmas x

  • Change the locks

  • Hammer frozen sausages on his lawn

  • Id love to fuck this guy up somehow but it's just going to escalate out of control!

  • Honestly? Get it cleaned up, take photos beforehand for those that haven't seen it before, get everyone on the same side then confront him about it and let him know it's not cool

  • These are an example, the bins were full so the overflowing food made some good fertiliser apparently.

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  • Clean up, put all the binbags in their room.

  • Or clean it and put all the debris in bin bags in his room.

    Edit: Ha! Beaten to it.

    My flat mates did this to another flat mate once. He went ballistic at the girl he perceived to be the softest of us and she bit his head off. He never did anything like it again.

  • Bin bags in room is a good idea. I will have to clean the dishes as 80% of all kitchenware is in the photo and I'll need to make food...

  • And take a dump on his car bonnet

  • Do the inside, leave the outside. Tell them they are out of line in this.

  • I'll have to approach him on this, but the food outside is just going to attract rodents

  • Any rodents will be a bonus, it’s outside the property so leave it for the housemate to clean up.

  • WAFC.

    Leave the bins in his room. Never speak to him again.

  • It's in our garden so technically not, he'll never concede to doing anything himself out of spite and plus I feel bad for the neighbours having to see discarded naan bread out of their windows on Xmas/boxing day...

  • "This was your party. Everyone on the internet thinks you're a dick."

  • Lol good fodder for the forthcoming shitstorm

  • Stop being such a pussy.

    Get on that chat and call him a no good cunt. Then take a dump on his bed.

  • Helpful. He recently removed himself from the chat and doesn't respond to texts etc

  • If this guy was a random person I'd be taking a much more hostile approach, but we're mostly a connected group of friends and acquaintances from uni and I don't want to be the one to disrupt anything

  • Fuck him and his bullshit.
    Then the only obvious answer is to shit on his bed after shovelling all the rubbish in there.

    I will say that the pics you showed are far cleaner than any of the hovels I lived in during uni but that’s not the point.
    Cunty behaviour gets cunty response.

  • Granted it could be a lot worse, I've lived in far worse places too. But I don't think I'm gonna defecate in the bedding just yet..

  • Clean up, act like nothing happened.

    Leave it two weeks, then stick a potato/banana up his exhaust.

  • Clean up, never mention it, and carry the grudge forever.

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Housemate problems - what do I do?

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