My ultimate project: restoring a 1991 Panasonic PR6000 team bike

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  • I'm a child of 1973, never was allowed to go cycling (as a sport) and when I became officially an adult (age 18) I told my parents to * off, plundered my savings account and bought a bike. That was 1991.

    My first bike was a Scott Windriver mountainbike but my real heroes were the guys that passed by my parental house every year in April: the road pro's riding the Tour of Flanders.

    I remember Moreno Argentin escaping in our street (and winning the Tour of Flanders) and this resulted -many years after- in my first vintage bike: a Colnago Master "Ariosteia".

    And that was only the beginning... A second one followed soon after (a 1992 Carrera Tassoni team replica) and not a week went by without checking out the local second-hand sites.

    And that is where I found this one.


    It looked like a Panasonic but gosh, how mutulated was this one! I didn't know much about Panasonic bikes so I started searching the web and found out Panasonic bikes had BB shells with the brand stamped in it. I asked the seller to send me some photos from the BB shell and so he did.


    Okay, it was a real Panasonic, that was clear. But as I wanted to know what type it was, I asked him for some serial numbers. He was very patient and answered my mail with another photo.


    Damned, this didn't follow the serial number pattern I found on the web. Disappointed I was...

    But than I found this very particular site where someone talked about his accidentally found ex-pro bike and I read these bikes didn't follow this pattern but had a different set of numbers: riders's initials-bike number-year. So this was the 3rd frame of a 1991 pro rider with the initials MO...

    Hurray!! It was a former team bike we were talking about! I started looking for the 1991 team riders list and found out MO could stand for Mark van Orsouw, a Dutch rider. Another internet search learned this was the man:


  • Ofcourse it only took me another 2 seconds to call the seller and tell him I wanted to pick up the bike that very same day. He agreed and I was happy to pay him the 125 € he wanted for it.

    Yes, I had my ultimate 1991 bike.

  • so lucky...

  • But soon the worries came... These bikes were so rare, it was impossible to find another one that could be used as "model" for a respray. And the team bike livery was so simple it was utterly impossible to copy.

    And that's why this frame stayed on my attic...

    Last summer, I was browsing the German Ebay and my eye fell on a 1992 mountainbike. A Panasonic MC Pro. It was way too expensive (700 €) but compared to PR6000 bikes this price was peanuts. So I went for it and some days later an all original Panasonic bike enriched my collection. Finally I had my model to start from.

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  • In the mean time I started looking for some components and first thing I found was this


  • This should be good!

  • This week, a reasonably priced Dura Ace 7400 groupset popped up and if the seller isn't a fraud, it should arrive within a couple of days.

    That was the signal so I took the frame from the attic and tomorrow I will bring it to a resprayer together with the MC Pro.

    To be continued...

  • Sounds like a great project!

  • I suppose everything will stand or fall with how good the sprayer does the job... I saw another PR6000 he resprayed and it looked OK. Not perfect but he didn't have a "real" example then, just photos. Fingers crossed...

    One thing that disappoints me about the frameset: I have the original Tange Prestige forks but these weigh a lot...

  • Subbed

  • @Tijs Tijs Tijs!

  • I seen it, my dude.

    Exciting project. I also have the jersey.

  • There is a former team front wheel for sale here on 2dehands. Shame it's 650.

  • Hell yes!

  • All the best projects are driven by the story, not the bike. If it's anything like the story the bike will be amazing.

  • Thanks and you're absolutely right about that, @Aroogah. I have 30 bikes at the moment but I'm actually selling most of them. I didn't realise it untill now that the handful I am really about to keep, are those that come with a story.

  • A cartboard box arrived from Germany today.

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  • Just saw this thread. Looking forward to seeing this built up Wim.

  • thanks, @Poetic

    Sadly I encounterd my first obstacle. The BB is stuck like hell so I will first have to take the frame to the framebuilder I know to have it drilled out.

  • Awesome project but the STIs look a bit rough for a re-sprayed frame, don't you think?

  • True, @Sig_Arlecchino but it came all in one pack so had to take it or leave it. Maybe one day I buy some better ones so these can go to my Team Ariostea Colnago.

  • That stuck?!

    Have you tried the old trusted "soaked in WD40 for a couple of days and put your BB tool in a vice so you can use the frame for leverage" method? Drilling is such a last resort method

  • I hate buying frames with the BB "included". Always means it's stuck like fuck.

  • Yes, @Shame

    Didn't try the vice thing but the framebuilder I was speaking of, did it on another frame of mine. Took him 2 minutes and chance of ruining the frame is close to zero. And when there, I can put the frame on his frame truing table.

    Normally I ask sellers to remove everything, @russmeyer , but when I bought this one, I just wanted the bike immediately, no matter what.

  • There's more in my spares box than I thought...

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My ultimate project: restoring a 1991 Panasonic PR6000 team bike

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