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  • Any recommendations for a replacement fork for a 2014 arkose? Ideally with mounts for low riders, mudguards and front brake mount for dynamo (disc,qr)? Just thinking about future upgrade.

  • I spent a while looking at this, tapered bladed forks seemed quite limited and expensive.
    Okay I thought there were others but nothing I can see. I think the sequoia had one that fitted the pizza rack. Someone else probably has a much better grasp than me!

  • That’s what I thought. Probably more likely to invest in a new frame set and transfer everything over in a few years time. Just doing some covid distraction research!

  • Has anyone fitted a Front light On an arkose fork where the drilling is under the fork not in front? Curious what bracket you used to get it to reach far enough, not foul the guard and not take too much space up

  • Have same conundrum - got a b+m on order so bought one of these as the mudguard is already squeezed into the gap at the top of the forks and couldn’t find a suitable mount online/don’t have spare bits I could bodge. Will let you know how I get on.­/mudguard-light-mounts

  • Yeh I was thinking about that too. I have plastic guards but it’s fairly short at the front so might be strong enough? My light doesn’t weigh much either
    More concerning is will the light not just get blasted with front wheel spray!

  • Fixies are dead again so I took the mudguards off this and fixed the front derailleur. The bar, stem and hood angles are all a bit ugly but it works well - they really are great bikes. Was going to put some skinnier tyres but glad I didn't, 30mm rolls so nicely.

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  • Impressive enough feat getting silver 105 cranks to work

  • What rear rack can people recommend for an arkose Ss? The one I have is far too wide, it’s a disc fit from boardman I think so am I right to think I need a non disc fit? Seems odd on a disc brake bike! Thanks

  • Angles look good to me, can't stand bars and hoods pointing up.

  • It's because the arkose SS have 135mm width rear, the newest disc brakes are all 142. A non disc brake rack will be 130mm so it may not fit.

  • My old bike was 135mm so maybe just need to bend it a bit and add spacers? Thanks

  • Late reply but fwiw.. Newer Arkoses are 135 or 142 x 12 convertable, so the problem is probably a 'disc brake rack' that is designed to fit bikes with the caliper on the SS? If the caliper's on the CS pretty much any rack should fit ok.

  • I’m loving my arkose single speed. Bit of a faff to build with some bodged threads but now it’s lovely to ride. Feels lively and easy to ride even with marathon 32mm tyres. Maybe I’ve found a bike that fits me!
    If anyone was wanting to off load a XL geared frame I’d be interested in trying that too

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  • Don't suppose anyone has something small knocking about in the shed that you or your other half aren't using?
    A small or XS Lithium or something

  • It was incredibly cheap as frameset when I was working there, maybe you can still get a frame? Looked pretty decent built as a gravel/rigid MTB thing

  • Hi there, may I ask which chainrings you have on here please? Looks banging, and I'm wondering if they're sub-compact or if not whether they do a range of sizes.

    Many thanks!

  • A popular question - it's one of these in 46t. Inner is still a 34t and I don't think you can go lower than that, but I found the jump between 34 and 50t too annoying.

  • Ah thanks very much!

  • Can anybody with a 2021 Arkose please tell me the effective TT measurement? I'm struggling to find anything other than 2019 info, and just saw that it was shortened a bit for 2021.

    I'm just under 6 foot, but have a short torso/arms, so usually size down. Stuck between M and L.

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Pinnacle Posse

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