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  • My forays into metal bending continue. Here's a proof of concept in 10x1mm aluminum, next step will be seeing if I can get my wee pipe bender to bend stainless of the same size.

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  • Seems like the perfect excuse to buy an AC DC tig machine. Aluminium is nice and light

  • Moving from our butane creme brulee torch to a MAPP torch is already quite a move.

    The big question is, what kind of bag to make for it?

  • One that folds down flat with a strap to keep it tied down flat that you can pop up and open out when you have stuff to carry?

  • Its main purpose would be shopping I think. I’m hesitant to transport my laptop on a rack because of the bumps and vibrations so I will probably continue commuting with a backpack.

    Which means the bag wouldn’t be permanently attached to the bike, but rather brought into shops and removed at home. At which point I can either go for some fidlock silliness which would be a lot of fun but wouldn’t really translate into a marketable product or go for probably the most used platform and strap a Wald 137 to it.

  • I commuted with a laptop in a neoprene sleeve, in a BigXTop front rack bag for a couple years alright, I assume the sieve did a lot of dampening. It attached down with 2 clip straps on the bottom - the wizard works way of a strap on each side going down through the rack and clipping (and cinching) up on the side of the bag looks like it would be much easier though . I wouldn’t think fidlock would be enough to feel safe, esp with shopping? I’d want a proper clip?

    Specialized pizza rack is quite popular platform to work from.

  • I've often thought of a padded watertight sleeve that's connected with old inner tube to four loops of webbing, like a lowrider pannier would be Ideal for a laptop. Like so (I won't be quiting my job to pursue art. Also green is webbing/innertube )

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  • I wouldn't be too worried about the fidlocks not being strong enough. It'd be a strap with a buckle solution, not like the bolt on snaps. I'll mull it over, the Pizza rack is a good point.

  • Yeah that should work, dangerously close to a pannier though and I'd rather make a universal bag than a single purpose thing.

  • Can't believe it took this long to make a frame bag for this bike. Just needs the new stem / rack and a good dose of bdhu and then it'll be done for the foreseeable. I see hydraulic braking and 2x11 in its future but that'll be a late 2023 thing I think.

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  • Excellent, both the bag and the bike.

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Tijmen's Bikes and Related Projects

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