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  • My forays into metal bending continue. Here's a proof of concept in 10x1mm aluminum, next step will be seeing if I can get my wee pipe bender to bend stainless of the same size.

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  • Seems like the perfect excuse to buy an AC DC tig machine. Aluminium is nice and light

  • Moving from our butane creme brulee torch to a MAPP torch is already quite a move.

    The big question is, what kind of bag to make for it?

  • One that folds down flat with a strap to keep it tied down flat that you can pop up and open out when you have stuff to carry?

  • Its main purpose would be shopping I think. I’m hesitant to transport my laptop on a rack because of the bumps and vibrations so I will probably continue commuting with a backpack.

    Which means the bag wouldn’t be permanently attached to the bike, but rather brought into shops and removed at home. At which point I can either go for some fidlock silliness which would be a lot of fun but wouldn’t really translate into a marketable product or go for probably the most used platform and strap a Wald 137 to it.

  • I commuted with a laptop in a neoprene sleeve, in a BigXTop front rack bag for a couple years alright, I assume the sieve did a lot of dampening. It attached down with 2 clip straps on the bottom - the wizard works way of a strap on each side going down through the rack and clipping (and cinching) up on the side of the bag looks like it would be much easier though . I wouldn’t think fidlock would be enough to feel safe, esp with shopping? I’d want a proper clip?

    Specialized pizza rack is quite popular platform to work from.

  • I've often thought of a padded watertight sleeve that's connected with old inner tube to four loops of webbing, like a lowrider pannier would be Ideal for a laptop. Like so (I won't be quiting my job to pursue art. Also green is webbing/innertube )

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  • I wouldn't be too worried about the fidlocks not being strong enough. It'd be a strap with a buckle solution, not like the bolt on snaps. I'll mull it over, the Pizza rack is a good point.

  • Yeah that should work, dangerously close to a pannier though and I'd rather make a universal bag than a single purpose thing.

  • Can't believe it took this long to make a frame bag for this bike. Just needs the new stem / rack and a good dose of bdhu and then it'll be done for the foreseeable. I see hydraulic braking and 2x11 in its future but that'll be a late 2023 thing I think.

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  • Excellent, both the bag and the bike.

  • Most of my project stuff is in Huls' thread at the moment, but @stelfox reminded me I'd never shown any updates of my studio.

    Bit of a mess but about as organised as it gets usually. I've ordered a couple of big LED lights to create more light in the middle of the space, this no daylight is not too bad but I'll be happy to do away with the TL light and replacing everything for LED.

    I have a couple of other to-dos for organisation stuff, like keeping all thread spools and corresponding bobbins in one space, mounting all the webbing rolls to a rack, probably switch places between the work table and box collection and upgrade the work table to something at a decent height. But after a small year it's beginning to wear in and everything starts to find its place.

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  • I love photos of people's studios!

    All the best studios are messy ones.

  • good stuff!

  • Nice! Are you able to hang anything on the walls? Some early work or photos of it could be nice

  • There's the metal beams on 3 of the 4 walls which the bike and pattern rack hang from, my old work is in a pile in a corner it might be nice to have some of it on show now you mention it.

  • The new Ayyyteeebeeeee is starting to take shape, spec that's already confirmed:

    Wheels = Hope hubs x Duke rims
    Tyres = Vittoria Mezcal 2.35" in grey
    Drive train = Shimano 12 speed
    Brakes = Shimano
    Bars = SQLab 3OX 16deg

    Things I'm pretty sure about but that still need buying:

    Headset + seat post clamp = Silver Hope to match the hubs
    Bottle Cages = King Cage
    Grips = Ergon GA3 (not sure about the colour)

    Things I'm not sure about:

    Cranks = I was planning on putting a nice DM ring on my old Rotor 3D24s but apparently that won't work because of the narrow Q-factor.
    Seat post = No dropper, so probably something reasonably light for some compliance. They're all much of muchness I guess.
    Pedals = Maybe just cheap resin something, @Hulsroy says I deserve matching Hope F20s but my bank account disagrees.

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  • Some colour scheme musings.

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  • Crocodile green>British racing green

    Dreamy build, as always I'm in the pd-520 corner when it comes to any bike that actually gets ridden

  • If I go back to clipless it'll be Time ATAC for me, but for the time being I'm on flats.

    Things I'm pretty sure about but that still need buying:

    Headset = Silver Hope to match the hubs
    Bottle Cages = King Cage
    Grips = Ergon GA3 Orange
    Seat post = Thomson Elite in silver, which also means a Thomson X4 stem and seat post collar
    Pedals = These seem cheap and light and mostly fine?

    Things I'm not sure about:

    Cranks = Maybe the Hope cranks Mads has going spare, these would be sick but well out of budget: https://www.cybercycles.de

  • Starting to look pretty neat I think.

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  • Lots of cool stuff coming up.

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  • Looks sleek

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Tijmen's Bikes and Related Projects

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