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  • Good place to give my SID a long overdue service.

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  • Painting it blue, I hope

  • The SID, not the room

  • looks like a nice place to work on velogames excel sheets for success

  • All it needs is an array of four screens for my velogames excel sheets.

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  • The beginnings of an excellent 'pain cave'

  • I reckon cheap trainers should be hitting eBay any day now?

  • Very happy with the geriatric bars, 16 degrees sweep is spot-on and I wouldn't have wanted the 30mm more rise of the Stooge bars. I'll probably go for a slightly longer and lower stem, when I find the courage for that I'll also switch the forks back to the P2s for a bit so I can give the SID a long overdue service.

    (No filter, just a shit picture.)

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  • I've also fitted the 5800 front derailleur, just need to cable it up and adjust it. I'm hoping it will work as planned with the Force shifter, but it's replacing a SRAM derailleur so the bar is set quite low.

    This means I'll also finally fit the MV stem, the bike is approaching it's final form until I run into a spare grand to buy a Rival AXS groupset. Which is looking unlikely with my current career.

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  • After hours tinkering. Shit lights because I need to ride it home and I couldn't find the proper ones. Need to check if I can really hack this position and will then chop the steerer, would also mean it's time for a new top tube bag. New front derailleur seems great.

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  • The Shimano front derailleur is actually very good, really happy with where this is heading. I need to saw the steerer now, the position is challenging but manageable.

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  • I don't understand the drive to cut the steerer. Looks fine as it is now and gives you options for future changes in fit and preference.

  • Blasphemy. Slam it and chop it

  • Then fit riser bars

  • I like the little pop of red with the blue fork! But I like it in it’s proper form with the cages in the right places. Any more sunlight pics? There’s some light splattering right?

    That stem looks really cool too

  • I'm on team Phil, an uncut steerer just looks unfinished to me.

    There's this picture but the splattering doesn't really register because it's a bit overexposed. I will take better pictures as soon as the steerer is cut, probably somewhere in september.

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  • The orange sort of has the same effect, quite like it with the blue.

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  • Our crème brûlée burner is perfectly adequate for silver brazing. Made a paper towel holder for the kitchen as a test piece because it has a bend, a mitred joint and a flat joint Onwards to more serious projects soon, I just need to figure out the work holding part as this is all a bit wonky.

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  • Made some bags for the Kona.

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Tijmen's Bikes and Related Projects

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