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  • awesome, im also intrigued to see how blueing works. was thinking about doing a frame.

  • It does not prevent it from rusting

  • ah damn ok thats my plan buggered haha.

  • It looks cool but won't stay pristine forever

  • Yeah I considered it for the frame but didn’t want to have to refinish it. I’m thinking a stem will be manageable, and I hope it’ll last a while combined with lots of clear coat.

  • Very happy with my @M_V stem! Wasn't too fussed about weight but I was curious nonetheless.

    Gun bluing stuff should be here some time soon too

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  • If you’re bored over Christmas you can also go crazy on the stem with sriracha, mustard or ketchup.

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  • Half decent, disappointingly the stuff also affects the fillets so I had to clean those up and then carefully reapply around the edges with a Q-tip. Will see if I can get the fillets back to a shine with a polishing thingy in the Dremel. Unsure between oil or clear coat, oil would be easier as it’s a bit cold for spray painting.

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  • I think if you heat it up and oil it, it soaks into the pores of the steel more and will give more protection

  • How hot are we talking?

  • Pass

  • 3-400c according to this guy. I've been planning to use this technique for bolts and misc stuff for car projects, but haven't gotten around to try it yet.


  • I want more flare on the Kona, do I wait for the ever so trendy Stooge Moto bars to come back in stock or do I go for the touring dad chique SQlab 30X?

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  • There's also Ritchey Kyote

    Moto bars are supposed to be back in mid-feb.

  • An appealing option at half the price of the other two but a bit too much sweep I think.

  • Thanks Pete very helpful

  • Any more info on this please.

  • Thats all it is. Take some steel, do a pattern and let it sit overnight. I think sriracha is popular because the tip allows you to do more precise patterns than with a ketchup bottle.

    Remember to leave some space as that’s where the steel will oxidize.

    Did this where I just did little bloops of ketchup, mustard and sriracha, and then next day did a stripe pattern on top.

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  • Nice one cheers

  • It's true, I am known for my helpfulness

    I'd wait for the Moto bars. You're worth it

  • I am running the Kyote bars on my MTB and they are hella comfy. The front and back sweep means you most certainly don't have to compensate for lost reach with a longer stem but it makes the clamping area for a bar bag a bit small. On the other hand, you can use the forward bits for a more sporty position on those tarmac bits in between. I really like those bars but I do understand the sex appeal of the Motos.

  • I did have Kyotes, I liked the shape but I found them quite stiff, possibly because they're only single butted? Got Stooge Scramblers now, which weigh a ton but are very comfy (and 820mm)

  • On One OG might be a cheap option with less sweep.

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Tijmen's Bikes and Related Projects

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