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  • Quite pleased with this, it's fairly subtle but it adds a nice effect. Hopefully it'll look good with the fork too. Clear coat tomorrow, then leave everything to cure for a couple of days and maybe ride it next weekend.

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  • I like that a lot

  • Thanks Phil! From a distance it almost disappears, might be better if shot on a tripod and F2.2 to eek out some more sharpness.

    Also did the little frame bag over the weekend, lining up spine and sides was a tricky job but I'm happy with how it turned out. Not sure on the label placement, might have been better of to the side.

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  • It's a good bike. If only the top tube was a bit higher.

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  • That is a lot of seat tube

    Custom frame time!

  • Where them clear coat pictures at?

  • Not very exciting, I’m moving slowly as sanding away drips isn’t an option anymore. But here’s a terrible low light picture.

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  • I think I’ll finish the can tomorrow, not sure if it’ll get much better but not much harm in it either. I've half looked into polishing and it seems I'd need to buy a lot of stuff so I don't think I can be arsed.

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  • Finished the can of clear coat, reckon I’ll wait till at least the weekend but maybe next week to give the paint some time to cure.

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  • Loving the bird shell splatter!

  • Quite pleased with this, it's fairly subtle

    That’s real nice man, it’s good subtle and I bet once it’s built it’ll be super

  • Thanks both, I'm very happy and can't wait to see what it'll look like built up.

  • I did another small splatter experiment, the paint seems to stick to the fabric. I’m thinking salmon with white splatters, might be overdoing it though.

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  • This weekend:

    • bike build
    • clean-up
    • feel bad about having a pretty much full NJS bike I don't ever use

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  • Neat cellar! That is in Berlin yeah? Mine is cobwebs, favela-reminiscent wooden walls and cardboard to even out the stamped earth floor.
    My bikes live in the apartment..

  • Such a cool space.

    I have a cellar but the floor slopes from about 3 feet to about 5 feet max. Its unusable apart from for storage.

  • Leipzig! I've seen some of those stamped earth floor cellars when we were apartment hunting, made me appreciate this cellar even more. Still a tad damp though, but good enough for bikes it seems.

    Best thing about it is finally having somewhere to put a serious vice, such a luxury.

  • Cack-handed truing has thrown a spanner in the works. Debating just bringing it to a bike shop instead of ordering the stupid Squorx tool, but it’s a bit of a complicated question needing a 4mm offset like a Cannondale Ai wheel.

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  • I'd say the answer is always ordering a new tool, especially if you're already invested in one of those extra fancy eBay truing stands.

  • It's actually a DIY truing stand but I'll take the compliment and follow your reasoning.

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  • Nice! Did you source beams and fixtures at the same shop?

  • I got all the beams, brackets, nuts, etc. from Motedis. The thru axle adapters are from aliexpress (couldn't find them in Europe) and the measuring dial from eBay. I'm contemplating adding a second dial with a roller contact point for vertical runout, but I don't use it enough to justify upgrading it.

  • Thanks! Helps knowing that everything you need is there in one place if you just look hard enough

  • Slight improvement. Chopped another piece of the steerer, I can now run it slammed with the steerer clamping on the bung but still use the silly little rack if I'd want to. Ideally I'd replace it with a fillet brazed stem I can bolt a rack support to, I have some ideas but will probably be a long term thing.

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  • Wheel truing went fairly smoothly with the Squorx tool, far better then the square interface. Taped up the rim with gorilla tape and managed to seat the tyre whilst pumping up my booster with the valve open, easiest tubeless install ever.

    Could have chopped more of the steerer but I’ll get to that when I put in the spacer I plan on making for the steerer / headset cap gap.

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Tijmen's Bikes and Related Projects

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