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  • Also, cable discs are fine.

  • Now with taped bars. I think the fit would be better without the silly little rack, will give it some thought.

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  • Slam it

  • Not my bike, but I did make the bags.

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  • Pretty happy with this split frame bag plus matching top tube bag, lace up top half bolt on lower half. All a photo fit job so I hope it’ll fit.

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    • C2403307-541E-4608-B3F8-78D9DA454AA5.jpeg
  • Does that mean you are selling these now?

  • Sort of. I’m selling most of what I make, just mainly friends and family so far. But my books are pretty empty at the moment so I’m all ears.

  • Might do a small run of these saddle packs, fairly happy with the design.

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  • Influencer-approved too.

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  • Even works with extreme setback.

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  • Might work with non-SMP saddles, but I doubt it tbh.

  • I could be interested in on of those, would you be able to do different fabrics? I'd be after a Black Camo cordura one

  • I'm definitely able to different fabrics but black camo Cordura seems pretty hard to come by. I'll give it a search.

  • Currently working on a bagel bag with side pockets for 33cl cans.

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  • Would be interested in this. Do you think it could be adjusted to fit a pocket rocket pump also?

  • Understood, I'll give the WW one a go first see how that fits

  • Why not? I'd say you'd just tie it down with the main strap and then I could add another strap to keep it from flailing around?

  • Sounds awesome, my thinking is that it's a kit that's easy to move from bike to bike and always gets you home.

    Just give a shout when you start your production


  • Excellent work by @Tijmen. Truly very happy with this lovely bag.

    Standout feature are the detachable (!) soda can side pockets.

  • 🕺

  • Look great! Where do I sign up?

  • PM me! Sorry I’ve been a bit slow, major developments though. More news soon.

  • Update: still love it

  • that looks awesome nice work

  • Thanks all! And for those who've PM'd me, I'll get back to you ASAP. Definitely up to make virtually anything for anyone (no backpacks though). Do have to warn I have a bit of an order queue forming, but I'm picking up a new machine tomorrow and I hope to catch up in the next 2-3 weeks.

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Tijmen's Bikes and Related Projects

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