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  • to yoke!

  • To yoke! The proportions of the design look great btw

  • Finding a shop with an IS52 reamer proved to be a challenge. But the local framebuilder had been meaning to buy one and has just received a little round bit of pricey unobtainium after a couple weeks of waiting. Will be bringing it away for reaming tomorrow.

  • Over the moon with this fork - head tube transition. Seat tube reamed, bottom bracket chased and faced, ready for assembly. I can’t wait to find it out what I forgot to buy.

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  • I can’t wait to find it out what I forgot to buy


  • Apparently paint is completely unnecessary and a social construct perpetrated by social media.

  • paint? you mean "frame prison"

  • awesome, im excited to see this come together!

  • Looks extremely promising.

  • Lol

    Liberate the steeel, man

    1. Praxis M30 tool

    I expect to add more things to this list.

  • Looks like 2x will have to wait until the bike industry sorts itself out, or maybe I'll have it installed after paint. I can either buy it from a German shop at RRP times two or give money to BikeInn for them to not ship it for months. I Will be running the Rotor crank with 42t N/W ring from the first pages of this thread for the time being.

  • I can either buy it from a German shop

    Boast post

  • 2x is an obsolete standard anyway.

  • Tubelessing the tyres of doom. Hella bubbles but I just chucked in sealant and hope it does its job.

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  • Narrator:
    It wouldn’t

  • Fork sawing is always a stressful job. Used two stems as a sawing guide and handily chopped of the top of a stem whilst still not sawing straight. Glad I did a test cut before sawing to size so the final cut was pretty straight. Still a lot of spacers (just enough for the stem to still clamp the bung) so I can check the position before committing.

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  • Hope to finish it tomorrow.

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  • manifesting this for you

  • Absolute nightmare sorting the internal brake routing in the fork over lunch. This could have taken 34 seconds if some gravel bro at Dirty Kanza didn’t have to boast his bike is under the UCI limit.

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  • Biek. Need to sort the cockpit, maybe go for a 90mm stem instead of the currently mounted 80. Levers are a bit high up too.

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  • good looking bike, might need to censor the cbl d*scs to avoid a few pages of debate

  • User amey made a very good point about the Spyres being particularly terrible for it, the cables have the make horrible bends. Will go hydro at some point, but probably next year when stock levels have gone back to normal.

  • First ride was good. Not 100% on the position but it’s been a year since I rode a drop bar so I’ll keep the 90mm stem for a while, good thing I bought an 80mm I used for a grand total of 765m. Any feedback on the bar angle lever position before I tape it?

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Tijmen's Bikes and Related Projects

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