• Wow, that looks superb!

  • Getting rid of the spacer mounted bell next. And need to fashion some strap keepers as Vwaa-leh doesn't make them for the Nano straps.

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  • Built my first set of wheels today, cheapest everything I could get to replace the dying Fulcrum Racing 5 set in the Eroba. Remerx Dragon L719 laced to a Shimano Tourney hub in the rear and a Shimano dynamo hub in the front, total cost was 75 euros. Will be getting dynamo lights when daylight starts to disappear again.

    Starting to fantasize about a set for the Kona as the Fulcrum Red Power XLs are creaking again and I don't want to replace the bearing another time if the service life is roughly 6 months. Current thinking is straight-pull DT Swiss 350's to wide-ish aluminum rims like the Duke Lucky Star Ultra.

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  • I made my bagel bag prototype into a bum bag to find out that @platypus was right, very sweaty back and not very comfortable. I tested it by bringing coffee gear on my ride, comfort might be better with softer and lighter stuff in it but back will still be sweaty.

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  • I like using my OMM bumbag as a little sling body bag I'm on a t-shirt ride, I sewed on something to clip it on from the other direction to stop it swinging about and really can't complain - much nicer than using it as a bum bag!

  • Built my first set of wheels

    Well done, I can imagine you're pretty satisfied. Nice bags as well.

  • I cut the webbing too short for that. :/ I’ll see about lengthening it and trying it like that. Good shout!

  • Yes, a bit frustrating initially but very rewarding once I got the hang of it. Great skill to have, many of my wheels are not true enough to be good but not far enough out of true to bring to a bike shop, now I can just sort it myself on a rainy Sunday.

    And thanks, slowly getting the hang of it. :)

  • Crimps have been made, should easily clear 700x50.

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  • Need a tote, don't know why, just do... superb work!
    If ever you go full flung commercial, heck yes.

  • I’ll let you know!

    In other news, the Kona is now officially a gravel bike. Racing Ray on the front, evolution because I’m worth it, and the old Ralph on the back. Good combo, much more confidence inspiring now I actually climb and descend. Could have done with Marathon Supremes in flat Holland, but not here.

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Kona Unit hardtail and Eroba gravel / road / commute thing (+ virtual bike building)

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